Splitsvilla X3

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Episode 13 29th May 2021 Written Episode: Vyomesh and Arushi WIll Be Ideal Match Or Not?

Weekends are always fun as we get to see a lot of reality shows which eventually help us to release stress and helps to lighten up our moods. There are various reality shows out there, however, one that is extremely popular among youth is “Splitsvilla X3”. As of now, a total of 12 episodes has been aired on the original channel of MTV India and another fun episode is coming soon to entertain the audience and amuse them at the same time. In this episode, the viewers are going to witness a fun task and also there will be elimination and besides all of these, a lot of drama will take place during the dome session as the villa get their third Idol match.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Episode 13 29th May 2021 Written Episode: Vyomesh and Arushi WIll Be Ideal Match Or Not?

In today’s episode, a fun task will take place, where the male contestants will be using pick-up lines on the female contestants. The funniest and great pick-up lines will get a thumbs up from the girls, while the one with the worst pick-up line will get a thumbs down. The whole villa is in chaos, as this time the villa will get a fresh ideal match and the ones who are in advantage this time is Vyomesh and Treven, as they won the previous silver connection challenge task.

Splitsvilla X3: Dome Session Key Highlights

The contenders who are most likely to go in front of the oracle is Voymesh and the chances are high that he will choose Arushi. However, he was seen talking to his long time enemy in the show, Aditi, that he might choose her. However, no one can tell what’s going on in Voymesh’s might, maybe, he is playing a trick on her and he will choose Arushi. Before the dome session, the ideal matches were seen doing dancing and grooving on the songs and the other contestants are having a hard time understanding the purpose behind the ‘fun session before the dome session.’

Another key highlight of the dome session is that we may see the end of the bromance of Kevin and Voymesh in the show.  Nikhil and Pallak revealed that Voymesh said that if there was someone equal to Kevin in the show, then, he might not be able to rise up some much as he is as of now. Nikhil alleged that Voymesh is using Kevin only to make it to the semi-final and it is high time that Kevin understand before it’s too late.

Trevon & Samruddhi, Dhruv & Sakshi and Voymesh and Arushi are the three couples that will go in the front of the oracle. As of now, the villa has two ideal matches, Kat & Kevin and Jay & Aditi. However, the chances are extremely high that Voymesh and Arushi will be the third ideal match. Riya will get the least number of votes during the dome session and she will be seen leaving the villa. Her departure will make everyone emotional. “MTV SplitsvillaX3” air every Saturday at 7:00 PM (IST) on MTV India and you can also watch the same, 24 hours before TV on “Voot Select.”

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