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Naagin 6 Full Episode 20th August 2022 Written Update: Pratha Tries to Hold Mahek

Naagin 6 is one of the fictional TV dramas that people have been watching in India with such an interest that has become a popular TV show. This TV show has been among the choice of people of different age groups, including children, adults, and geezers all across India. This is a TV show including some characters in the story inspired by some Hindu mythology characters such that Naags and Naagins. This is the revenge story of a Naagin who is searching for some Asurs. Fans of Naagin 6 are waiting for the upcoming episode of Naagin so that they may get to know all the details regarding this episode.

Naagin 6 Full Episode 20th August 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 is a Fictional drama of Naags and Naagins. The audience of this show is wondering to know the information about the further story of this show. Before moving to the story of the upcoming episode of Naagin 6, fans need to know the plot of this show. This show is roaming around Pratha. Pratha is Sharvashreshtha

Naagin 6 Written Update: Mehak Dies

Naagin and she is looking forward to coming across some Asura. She has enmity with some Asura and she wants to get her revenge on these Asurs. As a result, she gets married to a human named Rishabh and she starts among humans as a human being. She is concealing her identity so that she may approach her enemies as soon as possible. Somehow, Pratha is cheated by one of her partners “Mehak”.

Mehak and Pratha’s enemies make a plan to snatch the powers of Pratha and they put Pratha behind the bars for a false crime. Everyone thinks that Pratha is dead but she is alive and she gets back to her enemies so as to take on her revenge. She hides her identity. In an accident, Pratha gets to know that Rishabh is dead and Shakti is interested in Pratha. She finds various ways to take revenge. After getting married to Shashnaag, Mehak becomes the Sharvashreshtha Naagin. Pratha gets to know that Rishabh is alive and her daughter is also alive.

In the upcoming episode, Pratha will ask Mehak about Pratha’s daughter and Mehak will stab herself. Mehak jumps into a trench and she dies. Now, Pratha is craving to know about her daughter. Pratha will bring Rishabh to his home and his family will become happy. Naagin 3 is a TV show that is aired on the TV network “Colorstv” every Saturday and Sunday. It is aired at 08:00 PM according to the Indian Standard Time.

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