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Naagin 6 Today’s 22nd April 2023 Written Update: Prarthana Finds Out About Meher

Today we are going to discuss the Naagin serial. This serial is gaining too much attention from the people. This Naagin serial is viral on all social media platforms. All people are giving too much attention to this Naagin serial. Naagin serial is always in trend. This serial is gaining too much TRP which is very good for the producer of this serial. It means there are soo many peoples who love to watch the Naagin serial. In this serial, there is too much drama, mystery, romance, thrill, suspense, tragedy, crime, revenge, and so on. For more information keep reading and scroll down.

Naagin 6 22nd April 2023 Written Update

A big mystery will be revealed in the upcoming story of Naagin 6. In the track of Naagin 6 so far, Professor Jeet has accepted that he has re-joined the “Asur” family to take revenge on Pranath. However, Trisha is also none other than Jeet’s real daughter who is spying on the entire Naglok for him. Furthermore, a black hooded figure is also helping Trisha and Mriganayana to stay out of Raghu’s doubts. Now as per the latest spoilers of Naagin 6, the black hooded figure is none other than Mehek who has joined hands with Professor Jeet. They have also planned to launch a major attack on India. Follow us till the end to know all the information about the Naagin serial.

Naagin 6 22nd April 2023 Written Update

As per the latest twist of Naagin 6, Meher will undergo something which will reveal her Naagin avatar and she will attack some goons who are running away with some girls. Meanwhile, Prarthana will also notices Meher fighting with the goons. Her Naagin looks and she will come to Meher’s rescue. Let’s watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 to know whether Prarthana recognizes Meher as her lost daughter or not and Manjeet drags Meher away. To download Naagin 6 Hindi serial all episodes or watch the full episode of Naagin today (22nd April 2023) online, visit

This Naagin serial is very famous. This serial is seen by soo many peoples. People are very curious to know about the next episode. People are always curious to know now what happens in the next episode. This Naagin serial is a family show. You can also enjoy this serial with your family, friends, etc. You can also watch and enjoy this serial on Voot. We will always update you about the Naagin serial once we have the information from the correct source. For more information stay tuned with us.

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