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Naagin Season 6 26th March 2022 Full Episode Written Update, Maha Sapera Preys Pratha

Naagin 6 is the 6th season of the earlier fictional TV show of the same name. This is a fictional TV show inspired by Hindu mythological stories. The is one of the most popular Tv shows on Indian TV that is enjoyed by people of all age groups including children, adults and geezers. Moreover, this is the story of Naagins who want to take revenge on some Asurs who have betrayed their nation by outraging a pandemic in their nation.

naagin season 6

People have been enjoying this show for a couple of weeks. The main credit for the success of this TV show is given to Ekta Kapoor who is the maker of this show from season 1. It is to be informed that the audience of this TV show is waiting for the release of another episode so that they may enjoy the further story of this show.

Naagin Season 6 26th March 2022 Written Update

Before moving to the upcoming episode, we give a brief idea of the story of this show. This is the story of Naagins who are seeking some Asurs. Pratha is the wife of Rishabh. Pratha is a Naagin but Rishabh and his family members are unaware of the real identity of Pratha as she lives with others in her identity as a human being. Rishabh and Pratha have got married to each other in an accident. However, they know deep down that they love each other. Pratha is the Sharvashreshtha Naagin who is accompanied by her sister and a professor who all seek the same goal of killing their enemy Asurs.

As far as the upcoming episode is focused, the promo of this episode has been launched that is enough to give an idea about a new enemy of Naagins. It will show the entry of Maha Sapera who will appear during a celebration. For the time being, he catches Pratha as well as her sister Mahak. Maha Sapera will catch both Naagins and take them to their place so that he may make some benefit from Naagins by getting Naagmani. Naagmani is a pious stone to Naagins that gives them supernatural power.

Date & Time of Release

Fans are waiting for the upcoming episode of Naagin 6. Naagin 6 is such a TV show that is aired on weekends in India. As a result, the concerned TV show will be premiered on Saturday, 26th March 2022 at 08:00 PM on the network of Colorstv.

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