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Pandya Store Today’s 16th October 2023 Written Update: Natasha Comes to Makhwana House

We are coming back with a new fresh episode of Pandya Store. Viewers are eagerly waiting for today’s new episode of Pandya Store. In this article, we will give you the details of the Pandya Store 16th October 2023 written update. Today’s topic is “Natasha Lies to Suman”. The episode stars with Hetal. She comes and brings food for Natasha. Hetal asks Natasha to eat some food. Natasha refuses to eat food. Dolly and Pranali bring food for Shesh and Chiku. Dhawal says If you do not eat food you fall sick. He asks who will take care of Suman. Natasha shouts at Dhawal.

Pandya Store

Natasha tells to Dhawal stop showing his fake care. Natasha sits and eats the food. Shesh and Chiku eat the food. Dolly laughs at Shesh and Chiku. She says are you eating food for the first time, eating slowly. Chiku coughs. He drinks water. Hetal comes to Natasha and says thank you to her. Hetal says I want to tell you something you come in the huge with a great change. Hetal informs Natasha that Dhawal does not eat anything. Dhawal eats the food. Amba calls Pranali. Pranali says I get the Amba call, we need to go house fast.

Pandya Store 16th October 2023 Written Update

Natasha tells Dhawal that the people doing fraud come and cover the matter. Natasha argues with Dhawal. Natasha says to Dhawal that he is doing acting. Chiku is a juice stall. Amrish notices Chiku and stops his vehicle. Amrish gives a 50 lakhs cheque to Chiku for Suman’s treatment and family. Chiku tells Amrish that in childhood, his parents had given the shop in Natasha’s name, so Natasha will take the decision on this also. Chiku holds the cheque in Amrish hand. Amrish wears a helmet. Natasha asks Chiku who is he. Chiku says he is a marketing man.

Dhawal says oh god how many more mind games will you play with him. In the night, Natasha brings juice for Suman. Suman refuses to drink Bitter gourd juice. Natasha tells Suman that she is more stubborn than her. Suman drinks juice. Sumam asks Natasha what is truth. Natasha tells Suman that she created drama over a small thing. Suman puts Natasha’s hand on her head. Suman tells Natasha to swear on her head that you are telling the truth. Natasha changes the topic. Natasha says to Suman she forgot to give her medicine. Suman asks Natasha to swear first. Natasha lies to Suman.

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