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Pandya Store Today’s 23rd November 2023 Full Written Update: Chabeli Asks for Amba

Here we are coming back with a new episode of Pandya Store. The viewers are eagerly waiting for today’s fresh episode. Currently, the television show Pandya Store is running with a great TRP. Today’s topic is “Natasha and Dhawal come close”. The episode starts with Hetal. She asks Amrish if he is unhappy with her as she helped in Natasha’s plane. She says that she sincerely wanted Isha to return home. Amrish says get ready fast. He sees the cupboard. Chirag comes and asks Dolly to get ready fast as he can’t wait to celebrate Diwali with Isha. Dolly asks Chirag to bring her dress from the cupboard.

Pandya Store

Hetal says to Amrish that even though this plan was Natasha’s. her involvement was only for him. Amrihs brings a saree for Hetal from the cupboard and asks her to get ready fast otherwise he perform the puja alone. He leaves. Hetal says thank you, Natasha. Chirag drinks water and it pours on Dolly’s dress. Dolly yells at Chirag and says that he got her entire dress wet. He apologizes. Pandya House prepares for Diwali. Chiku thinks about what might be happening there. Suman says she agrees with Chiku and Isha’s relationship.

Pandya Store 23rd November 2023 Written Update

They perform Aarti. Come back to Makhwana family. They perform Aarti. Amba gives Diwali gifts to her daughter-in-law. She exchanges Dolly’s gift and gives it to Natasha. She feeds Isha her favorite sweets. She hugs Isha. Natasha says let’s celebrate with a family song. Dhawal says they do not have a family song. Natasha sings family songs and dances. She sings the Yaadon Ki Baarat song and brings all the family couples together. Everyone claps. Amrish leaves from there. He recalls Isha’s words while burning the things of Isha that he brought for her. Isha comes and says thank you to Amrish giving her permission.

Natasha falls asleep on the chair. Dhawal brings coffee for her and talks with her. He talks with her without knowing that she is sleeping. He comes close to her to know why she is not answering. He finds that she is sleeping and takes her to bed. He sits near her. Natasha holds his hand. Amba asks Isha that now she won’t leave her alone. Isha says she will never leave her at any cost. The next morning, Natasha sees Dhawal is sleeping. She recalls Dhawal’s words. She falls on Dhawal. Chiku comes to Makhwana house. He brings gifts for Natasha.

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