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Pandya Store Written Update Of 18th February 2024: Today’s Episode

We are returning to give you the information regarding the television show Pandya Store. In this report, we will give you the information regarding the Pandya Store 18th February 2024 update. Today’s topic is “Amrish received bad news”. The episode starts with Makhwana Bahus who is hiding Natasha in the blanket and carrying her outside the house. Amrish walks in the same direction. They run to Amba’s room. Suddenly Amba walks up and notices a blanket on the ground. She feels that the blanket is too hard. She against goes to sleep. Hetal, Dolly, and Pranli again carry Natasha and take her to Dhawal.

Pandya Store

Pandya Store Written Update

Dhawal is confused to see Natasha in that condition. Suman gets angry and asks Mittu and Shesh to leave the house. Mittu says to Suman that Chiku is afraid of you, if he leaves this house then no one will stop him. Mittu requests Chiku to don’t use Isha to take revenge as he loves him a lot. Chiku says I want to help Isha to succeed in her dreams. Natasha wakes up and sees Dhawal near her. She asks why he came here. He asks about her health. She assures him that she is feeling better.

Dhawal asks Natasha to become his life partner again. Natasha refuses by saying that she only came here to solve the problems. She leaves from there. Pranali remembers everything and gets upset. Bhaven comes to Pranali and argues with her. Dhawal on the road and member Natasha. The next morning, Isha brings tea for Chiku and says Suman is not here therefore she only made tea. Chiku brings a few dresses and asks Shesh to wear them. Chiku makes a plan but Shesh says Suman will not leave me if she comes to know our plan. Chiku assures that he will manage everything.

Amba gets angry and says Natasha is the biggest trouble in our house, she is dividing our family. The officer and reports come. They raise the question about women’s empowerment against Amrish. Amrish gets frustrated and asks them to go from his house. A person from them gets angry after seeing Amrish behavior and starts breaking the house things. Amba tries to stop them. Hetal brings food. The reports start questioning Hetal and ask if they all are torturing her. The officers say they will close Amrish’s companies. Amrish shouts at the officer. The officer tells Amrish that it is a court order.

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