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The Kapil Sharma Show 28th May 2023 Written Update: Akriti Kakkar and Shankar Mahadevan Arrive on TKSS

Hello all the comedy show lovers, here we are sharing a written update of The Kapil Sharma Show. This show is a very famous comedy show and this show gained huge popularity from the people. This show is also known as TKSS and people have to watch the show every week. TKSS is entertaining its fans for a long time. As we all know that today is Sunday, and fans must be super excited for the episode as they know that it is going to be super entertaining. Here we have more information about today’s episode and we will share it with you in this article.

The Kapil Sharma Show 27th May 2023 Written Update

The Kapil Sharma Show is a very famous comedy show and this show airs on the Sony TV channel. This show has a massive fan following and now this show is back with another season to entertain the audience. It is a very amazing show as every week famous personalities come to entertain their fans. Now comedy show lovers are super curious to know about today’s episode and they want to know about today’s guests of the TKSS. You are on the right page for more information about the show, so please read the complete article.

The Kapil Sharma Show 28th May 2023 Written Update

So now all the makers of the show are all set to entertain its fans. Fan’s wait going to be over super soon as only a few hours left for the Sunday episode. Today’s special guests are Akriti Kakkar, Shankar Mahadevan, Siddharth Mahadevan, Shivam Mahadevan, Shaan, Sukriti Kakkar, Shaan, Nirmal Kakkar, Prakriti Kakkar, Nikita Gandhi, Shashwat, Romy. They are coming to promote Akriti’s music series “Big Band Theory”. Today’s episode starts with a host of Kapil Sharma. He welcomes guests to the stage with applause. Scroll down to the next page for more information about the show.

As per the promo video, Kapil asks Shankar Mahadevan who is more naughtiest of his two sons and Shankar replies that the youngest one. Then Kapil shares about his younger one also being naughty because he puts the tv remote in the teacups of the guests assuming it to be a biscuit. Later Kapil Sharma’s team members Krishna and Kiku come on the stage. Krishna calls Shankar Mahadevan’s sons his friends but Kiku says to him that they are Shankar Mahadevan’s sons then everyone starts laughing. So don’t forget to watch the full episode of the Kapil Sharma Show on the Sony TV channel on the television. Stay tuned to Dekh News for more updates.

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