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Today’s MTV Roadies 8th May 2022 Full Episode Written Update Vote Out Task Performances!

MTV Roadies is one of the TV shows which is prominently liked by the Youth. It is a reality TV show consisting of many tasks so that the quality of the contestants may be judged as well as improved with the help of the given tasks. People have been watching this show for many seasons. In India, MTV Roadies is aired on the network MTV India. As far as the season 2022 of the MTV Roadies is discussed, it is full of many contestants who have won the attention of the audience on the account of their performance and attitude.

Today's MTV Roadies 8th May 2022 Written Update

As we know that attitude is something very important for the youth, this show is mainly watched by the youth. Hence attitude influences the audience of this show mostly. In this article, we are likely to discuss the upcoming episode of MTV Roadies is a nutshell so that we may provide a general understanding of the upcoming episode of MTV Roadies.

MTV Roadies Full Episode Written Update

Roadies is a reality-TV show broadcast on the network “MTV India.” As per the format of this TV reality show, all the contestants are given tasks with the view to checking out their physical, mental and emotional abilities. MTV Roadies 2022 is the 18th season of this TV reality show which is quite different from the other seasons as the famous host of this show has been replaced by a Bollywood actor. Sonu Sood has replaced Ranvijay Singh. This season is also known as the Roadies South Africa season.

As far as the upcoming episode of Roadies season 18 is discussed, it is recorded and set to be premiered. This episode will bring the contestants to the news task named “Anda’s Apna Apna.” Other than the Anda’s Apna Apna, there will be the elimination of one of the contestants on the basis of the votes as per the format of this show. The elimination will be on a twp basis including the votes and a task. The task following the elimination will be played which is named “Aata Maze Satakli.”

Where to watch?

MTV Roadies 18 is a popular reality show among the youth. This show is including many tasks to judge the physical strength, mental strength and emotional intelligence of the contestants. As far as we know, this show is under the broadcasting partnership with MTV India. It will be premiered on MTV India on 18th May 2022 according to the Indian Standard Time.

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