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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 18th August 2022 Written Update: Tejo Slaps Jasmin for Lying

Udaariyaan is an Indian television drama that is broadcast on Coloestv. This is the story of a couple that faces a number of problems in their family life sometimes for each other, sometimes for their families. This episode will include two things, including the arrival of Fateh and also the celebration of Janamashtmi. Everyone will enjoy Janamashtmi. The family of Fateh will enjoy the birthday of Krishna. It is Janamashtmi which is also known as the birthday of lord Krishna.


The episode will start with the entry of Fateh as he will come to Aman’s place and opens the door. Tejo enters to the shot and she looks at the Fateh. Aman says that he wants the papers. On the other side, Fateh scolds him. Tejo asks to stop as she believes that the law will punish Aman. In the nick of the time. the police appear and the police arrest Aman. Before the police officer, Tejo says that she has prooves against Aman’s crime.

Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 18th August 2022 Written Update

The police inspector asks Tejo to submit the evidence in the police station. Buzo hugs Fateh back at the home. Simran also hugs Tejo and thanks Fateh for performing the duty of both her brother and a friend. Fateh says that he will not let anyone make advantage of his friend. Jasmin says that Fateh and Jasmin will take care of his friends and will also handle Aman and others. If everyone knows about his truth, no one will leave him anywhere. She says that she will ask Yash to return to Canada along with her.

Now, the entire property of Aman and his father’s will is in the name of Candy. Biji says that it is the birthday of Krishna Ji. Jasmin Calls Yash and says that she has her visa ready so that she may get back to Canada and leave the family of Tejo and Fateh alone and happy. She adds that they need to leave or else they will be a trouble for this family. She is feeling strange and she needs to leave this family soon. He says that he is upset with Jasmin and he will kill her with her own poison. It seems that the further episode will be adding a twist so as to make the followers and fans of this TV show excited. More details related to the upcoming episode of this show will be available on-air.

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