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Watch Naagin Season 6 Full Episode 9th April 2022 Written Update, Dilemma of Pratha

Naagin 6 is one of the most-watched TV shows in the present time. It is the 6th season of a fictional drama of the same name. It is a fictional drama influenced by some Hindu mythological characters. It is the story of some Naagins who are striving to get revenge for her nation on some Asurs who have betrayed her nation. People have been wondering to watch the further story as the trailer of the upcoming episode has been launched lately.

Naagin Season 6 9th April 2022 Written Update

On the account of the storyline of the ongoing season of Naagin 6, we get to know that all the seasons of Naagin have a different storyline which generates the interest of people to watch this fictional drama. This is liked in Inia to such an extent that it is watched by people from all the age groups, including children, adults and geezers.

Naagin 6 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin 6 is a revenge-based fictional drama that is influenced by some Hindu mythological characters. Prominently, this is the story revolving around Naagins who are looking for the Asurs who have betrayed the nation by spreading a pandemic and causing numerous people to die. Before moving to the story of the upcoming episode, we bring you in the swim of the prior story of this TV show.

Pratha, Sarvashreshtha Naagin, is married to a human named Rishabh. She is not in the love but she gets married to Rishabh as she feels that it will help her reach the Asurs whom else she is searching for in this serial. Getting married to Rishabh is a part of her tactic to reach her enemies. As far as the upcoming episode is considered, Pratha is gradually falling in love with Rishabh.

Although she feels that Rishabh is her enemy yet she is unable to control her feelings for Rishabh. Rishabh is in love with Pratha and he consodires her to his wife. As a result, he cares fr Pratha. On the other side, Pratha is also in love with Rishabh but she does not accept her love for her husband.

Naagin 6 is a fictional drama that is primarily watched by the Indian audience. The upcoming episode of Naagin 6 is scheduled to be premiered on Saturday, 9th April 2022. As it is a TV show comes under Colorstv as a broadcasting partner. It is premiered every Saturday and Sunday on the network Colorstv at 08:00 PM according to the Indian Standard Time.

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