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ZEE TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Makers Pay Their Tribute To Late Wajid Khan

According to the news we have come to know that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa‘s makers are going to give a tribute to Wajid Khan. As you all know, in this 2020 many veteran actors have died like Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, and now Wajid Khan who died on 31 May from cardiac arrest and Corona Test Positive. Friends, Wajid Khan was a music composer, he was only 42 years old that he died now. As you all know, Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, and Wajid Khan’s fans and followers are mourning social media such as Twitter and Insta. They are appreciating the work they do and tributing them. According to the news we have come to know that the makers of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa are also tributing Wajid Khan.

Such episodes of Friends Sa Re Ga Ma Pa will be shown throughout this week in which Wajid Khan will be seen. Wajid Khan was very close to Salman Khan when Salman Khan came to know about the death of Wajid Khan, he got very shocked. Friends, you all know that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Zee is shown on TV. This week the entire episode of Friends Sa Re Ga Ma Pa will be shown in Wajid Khan so that people will remember him and become emotional.

So as you all know, Wajid Khan has received a lot of love from people. And other people have listened to his songs too. Sajid Khan and Wajid are both brothers. And he has written and sung many songs with Sajid Khan, who is his brother. As you all know, in the superstar movie, both brothers have presented songs in their voices. So friends, as we continue to get information, we will keep you all updated on this page.

Just like you all know how people’s love for Wajid Khan is increasing and now people have become very much shocked that Wajid Khan is no longer among us.
Moreover, his hobby tweets are also being seen on social media that how people have felt very bad that Wajid Khan will not be seen in other songs anymore. Stay tuned here so that we can get you updated with the latest news and Entertainment scoops.

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