Epics Episode! Siya Ke Ram 21st July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Ram urges Lord Shiva to rescue his Vanarsena. He asks him to protect his Vanarsena from the betrayal of Ravan. He makes Shivlinga of sand and offers prayers to that. Sita also offers Prayers. Lord Shiva answers their prayers and rescues the Vanarsena and they all prays Lord Shiva and Thanks him. Sugriva hugs Ram and says he cannot be defeated till a friend like Ram is with him and his Vanarsena.

Siya Ke Ram Today Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Today Episode Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Today Episode Written Updates

Ravan laughs and says Ram must be expressing his sorrows of being alone after his army. Soon, an arrow strikes near his shoulder and everybody got shocked. Ram then outdares Ravan to come and have a battle with him. Ravan yells Ram and breaks the arrow.

The vanarsena hails Jai Shree Ram and Ram says Ravan has tested his patience and now it is time to punish him for his sins. They don’t need to wait anymore to punish him as he wants to win the battle with deceit and its time to answer him and his way to deceit. He asks his army to be true throughout the battle.

Ram says they with attack Ravan and his lanka from all four sides. The sena jumps on and attacks. Sugriva asks his army to break all the doors. Sugriva growls at the asur army. The asur army starts attacking them to stop them from entering. Laskhman asks Hanuman to provide first-aid to all injured.

Lakshman shoots an arrow and drouse the fire.Sita is still in practice. Trijata tells Sita that Ravan’s defeat is near as Vanarsena has reached to the doors. Ravan got to know about their attack. Sulochana tells Mandodari about the attack. Trijata tells Sita about Vajramusthi. Vibhishan says this is the first time when Lanka’s doors are broke by their Army.

Vajramusthi attacks them and asks about Ram. He outdares Ram to come forward as he will kill him.


Hanuman holds Ram in his hands and he attacks Vajramushti. He shoots him but missed. A messenger tells Ram and his army that Ravan will come to fight in the battle ground.

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