Grand Launch! ETV Telugu Dhee Jodi Dance Show 30th July 2016 Episode Performances

Grand Launch! ETV Telugu Dhee Jodi Dance Show 30th July 2016 Episode Performances :- 2016 ETV Telugu dancing shows Dhee is all set to have a grand launch from tonight and the show will be there to just grace the audiences. Fans are already just excited for the show as the dancing TV show Dhee is now trending on the social site as well as on the internet.


The show will involve contestants’ from the state Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and it is the Super Season 7 of the show so it witnessed already 6 successful seasons.

The show is making headlines as in the TV dancing show the Jayam actress Sadha will be seen sitting with the panel judge members and no need to mention that she is blessed with amazing dancing skills. Shekhar is roped to play the role of master in the show who will be teaching dancing skills to the budding dancers.

Tonight on the show it will be just initial starting of the show in which Sadha will be seen dancing in a romantic number with the master Shekhar and indeed she just rocked the stage.

Dhee Jodi show telecast on an event on the last Wednesday, and now from tonight on 29th June 2016, the dance program all set to start and it will be telecast every weekend from 9:30 PM to 10.30 PM.

Dhee Jodi show is having the format in which 12 Contestants will be seen participating and they need to perform on the set of the dancing show Dhee Jodi in Pair obviously as per the name suggest. The master will be seen teaching them dancing skills.

The panel judge members will be giving them their valuable feedback and statements. Gradually the public will be selected them by giving their valuable votes and then as per public voting one Jodi will emerge as the winner of the dancing show.