Family Guy Season 14 Episode 2 Papa Has A Rollin’ Son Online Video

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 2 Papa Has A Rollin’ Son Online Video : After a successful season of 13th season “Family Guy” came again with its 14th season and did its premiere in an explosive way that everyone liked it and everyone enjoyed it. Today is the telecast date of its 2nd episode of 14th season of “Family Guy”. Today here we have provided you the video or we can say the online portal of second episode of “Family Guy” season 14.

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 2 Papa Has A Rollin' Son Online Video

Family Guy Season 14 Episode 2 Papa Has A Rollin

This second episode is titled as “Papa Has A Rollin’ Son”. Brian is well ready to depict a story idea to renowned “Game of Thornes” whose author is George RR Martin. Every season of “Family Guy” is full of positive habits and positive efforts to make our life ideal thus this show well known to be a family show which must be watched along with the whole family. This show belongs to the person of each and every age group.

The latest episode focuses on schoolchildren on over medication. Stewie is addicted to ADD and once he brings Brian which was beyond imaginations for all. thus this episode is base on this habit of addiction of drugs and imperfect medicines.

the original synopsis of this episode states that “Stewie is given drugs for his ADD and Brian uses them to pen an epic 2000-page pitch to author George R.R.Martin at a book convention. Meanwhile, Quagmire and Peter engage in an Iron Chef-style competition to see who gets to keep his new cooking show.”

Besides the above all, episode 2 also depicted the old characters of Quagmire, Joe, Cleveland and Peter. In an Iron-Chef contest Quagmire and Peter took part and the winner is yet to be confirmed.

It is in new that many more celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Ed O’Neil, Kyle Chandler, Margaret Cho, John Mellancamp, Jeff Garlin and Kathryn Hahn will going to appear inj the show.

This season will be a loving and beautiful one so keep watching and stay updates with us. Keep in touch share the stuff. As kids likes the toy we like to enjoy so keep watching “Family Guy” and enjoy.