Fans Disappointed on replacement of Kasam lead Actress Tanu, Will it Effect TRP?

Fans Disappointed on replacement of Kasam lead Actress Tanu, Will it Effect TRP? :- The makers of Kasam always brings something new to add the flavor in the show and entertain fans. Last Night’s episode showcased that Tanu reveals her real identity in front of Rishi and Rishi confesses his love Tanu and Tanu also confesses her love for him. They both reunite in a sacred union and got married to each other. But here is a twist where Pawan plans to kill Rishi and send his goons to execute the plan. The goons find the carriage and follow them.

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Unfortunately, The goons while executing the plan attacked Tanu and she will die in the forthcoming episode. Rishi will be left alone longing for her love. The makers are busy in search of a new face that will take the place of Tanu and they decide to replace Krystle D’Souza for the role.


But here is also a twist that they find another girl to play the role of Tanu. They decide to consider telly actress Shivani Tomar for Tanu’s role. Shivani was last seen as the female lead in SAB TV’s comedy show, Hum Aapke Ghar Mein Rehte Hain.

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As per the storyline, the lovebirds Rishi and Tanu are united as we see in the last episode, but only for a short while, as Tanu will meet with an accident. Rishi will be overwhelmed as he failed to save his love. Following this, the show is all set to take an extensive leap of 20 years after which Rishi will be seen as a powerful business honcho. He will become cruel and cold-hearted after he loses Tanu forever and due to the guilt that he failed to save her.08-1467959097-9-kasam (1)

Tanu will be personated, played by Shivani. She will soon get in his life and the two will rekindle the flame of their romance. There will a goodly age gap between the two, on the lines of the Bollywood movie, Lamhe. While the loyal fans want Kratika to be seen with Sharad, after leap as well.


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