Golfer Rory McIlroy Quits To Defend The Title With His Ongoing Ankle Injury

Golfer Rory McIlroy Quits To Defend The Title With His Ongoing Ankle Injury : On this Wednesday he made a decision not to defend the Open championship at Andrews due to the wounded ankle. After thinking so much and taking appointments to the doctor, I’ve decided to let it go because if the injury got increased I might never be able to play, he muttered on Instagram. I’m taking a long term view of this injury and, although it is progressing well, I want to come back to tournament play when I feel 100% healthy and 100% competitive. Thank you for all your support and best wishes. It isn’t possible to believe that he has backed off this year championship,his fans are in shocked.


How Rory McIlroy Met Ankle Injury:

McIlroy met the injury when he intended to  play the friendly soccer last Saturday. This happened when he in his full sprint on the synthetic grass tried to dodge the player and abruptly his angle twisted resulting in the total rupture of his inner filament and he felt some severe pain. As describes earlier this news has adversely affect the heart of the fans but they are hoping to see a potential showdown between Spieth and McIlroy,but hopefully McIlroy will make a full recovery soon. McIlroy is the first one to miss the open championship since from 1954. The other great players who were taken off  from the major championship tournaments were  Tiger Woods and Payne Stewart. Instead of focusing on game, he must take care of the rehabilitation in order to recover quickly and make a comeback for the PGA championship which is supposed to begin from august at Wisconsin.

“We want him back. Everybody does,” Spieth said Tuesday at the John Deere Classic. “It’s unlucky, it’s unfortunate, and I’m sure he’s taking it harder on himself than anybody else.

McIlroy was believed to play at St.Andrews, though he had never won a single game there and it could prove an opportunity for him to win the match and create the history but God don’t want it happen this year and he have to wait for the next time.



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