Harman dance with soumya! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Harman dance with soumya! Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The recently launched show Shakti is doing a great job as it is raising the TRP chart for the Colors channel and today we will get you through the 21st July written episode of this show.

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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode Written Updates

The show starts with Surbi insisting the Soumya to open the gift box to check out the present. Soumya told Surbhi to check out what is there in the gift box.

Meanwhile, Preeto came there and started chanting with the two. She told them that Soumya has to do another ritual of the marriages and she needs to come with her.

Then, Surbhi think that she will first check out the gift box. Preeto asked the Soumya to worship Tulsi plant and asked her to pray for the arrival of their baby.

Meanwhile, Surbhi opened the gift and was shocked to find out the Snake as a gift for Soumya. She got panicked and scared as Snake was just about to come out of the box.

The snake went out of the window. Meanwhile, Soumya and Harman was doing their Tulsi rituals.

Surbi called his father Maninder and asked her what does he gifted to Soumya? Maninder says nothing.

Surbhi asked her forcefully and asked him not to lie. She also told him that how a father could do this kind of things with their daughter and what di will feel if she would have opened the gift box instead of her.

But Maninder did not accept his mistake and denied the whole issue. He told the Surbhi that he had packed bangles for her daughter and may be t\Soumya’s laws wanted to kill her.

Then, Surbhi told him that Soumya is really very happy with his in-laws and they have accepted her.

But Somehow, Maninder achieved success in convincing Surbhi that he had packed bangles in the gift box and the other person is the culprit behind packing snake in the gift box.

After that, Surbhi felt that may be Maninder is right and someone else had packed the snake in the gift box and then, she took her bangles and put in the gift box so that her beloved sister will not get upset knowing that a snake was there in the box.

On the other side, rituals were complete and Chachi asked the Harman to feed Soumya with his hand. Harman replied her that her rasam is not getting over but Chachi asked her to do same whatever she told him to do.

But, Soumya was shying in eating the food and the Harman appreciated the innocent of Soumya and asked her to eat food.

With surprise, the innocent Soumya eats that food. Then, she came back to her room and asked the Surbhi that what was in the gift box?

Surbhi told her to see the gift by herself and when she opened the gift she became happy as she found the bangles in that box.

Meanwhile, Bebe asked the Maninder that why he is so tensed? Maninder told Bebe that he was failed again in killing the Sony and it was his last chance and it also went into the vain.

Then, Nimmi called Surbhi and asked her to bring Soumya on a phone. When Soumya talked her she asked her that” How is she? Does she have eaten her food?”.

Soumya replied her that” she is fine and she wants to talk to her papa and asked Nimmi to put the phone on the loudspeaker.

Nimmi does the same and Soumya thanked the Maninder and told him that she is very glad that he has given her bangles and promised that she will always keep those bangles with her.

In between all those things, Maninder was thinking why Soumya was thanking her?

PRECAP OF 22nd July

In the upcoming episode of Shakti, we will see Soumya and Harman dancing on a romantic track and suddenly a saya comes and start assuming that once Soumya will be kicked out of the house, she will take Soumya with her.