Hit! “Ghayal Once Again” 9th Day Box Office Collection Boc Earning Report

Hit! “Ghayal Once Again” 9th Day Box Office Collection Boc Earning Report : Well, Ghayal once again is the Sequel of 90’s super hit movie “Ghayal” and with the same story plot this movie earned far better like any other movie of bollywood. Sunny pajji is doing his comeback with the movie and that’s enough for the audience especially for the diehard fans of Sunny Deol and only that fact make this movie so good and cool. Ghayal Once Again 12th Day Box Office


Ghayal Once Again Box Office Collection

Ghayal once again is becoming the blockbuster of this year. Earning good and after one week in cinema’s I can bet that this movie can earn more but the competition is stick now and that could be the worst deal for movie like Ghayal

If we talk about the audience response than I am sure you all going to love it because audience response is so fantastic toward movie and towards Sunny pajji and that’s cool.

Opening of Ghayal once again

Opening was quite good and earned 7.56 crore in the first day of release and that type of opening is fantastic in India. Even Sunny pajji didn’t except that much loves from the audience because he didn’t make a lot in the promotion and all.

After first day movie earned more than first day in his 2nd day of release and that was quite good. Movie earned 7.30 crore (approx) and then very next day movie earned 8.40 crore and this is the best day for the movie because it is the highest opening of the movie

Weekend collection

Movie is quite good for the fans a full entertainment and that’s awesome news for the fans and also for the maker’s movie earned more than 30.26 crore in his first week and that was cool.

After 8th day of release this movie earned more than 32.crore and that’s awesome for the makers and that type of collection is good for Bollywood.