Honda Launches Navi Chrome and Adventure Version in India,

Honda Launches Navi Chrome and Adventure Version in India, :- The Japanese-based two wheeler manufacturing company, Honda have come up with the two brand new edition of the flagship little motorbike called Navi. The two new tiny motorbike are called -Navi Adventure and Navi Chrome and Honda are planning to launch it soon in India.

The think tank of Honda decided to launch two brand new edition of Navi after experiencing the terrific success with the initial model of Navi, which was launched in 2016 with price tag of Rs 39500. Indian people have loved every bit of Navi and appreciated the tiny bike.

Meanwhile, the brand new Honda Navi Adventure will be launched with the price tag of Rs. 48,173 and the new Honda Navi Chrome will be launched in India at Rs. Rs. 44,713.

These two new tiny motorbikes have a few different features, but initially, they are quite same. The Navi Adventure and Navi Chrome run on single cylinder 109cc engine turn up 7.83 bhp at 7000 rpm with 8.96 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. Also, these two are available in the same black color.

The CVT transmitted power to the rear wheel enables a top speed of 81 kmph. The Navi Chrome is equipped with the other features like side lower guards, rear grip, under guard in chrome, headlight cover, headlight protector, and an added luggage box too. All these kits will be available at the extra cost of Rs. 5065.

On the other side, Honda Navi Adventure will be available with the additional kits including knuckle guards, under guard, headlamp protector, new seat cover, rear grab rail, luggage box and adventure stripes and visor. These will be available at an extra cost of Rs 8,525.

Honda has revealed the picture of both the new edition of Navi tiny bike and also revealed that the booking for these two bikes could be done through Andriod smartphone. However, it will be interesting to see whether these two Navi bikes will be able to taste the same success that its initial edition has a witness in 2016.