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How the Online Gambling Landscape Looks Like in India

The online gambling industry in India is going through a Renaissance phase. First of all, India is a country where gambling has become a national sport, and more and more Indian people are searching for the best online casinos and guides on how to gamble with Indian rupees. As the statistics show, more than 40% of Indian people are involved in gambling, which indicates that they might even surpass the number of gambling enthusiasts in the UK. Another statistic shows that approximately 80% of Indians visit land-based or online casinos at least once a year.

How the Online Gambling Landscape Looks Like in India

To better understand why the landscape of gambling in India looks like this, and why the popularity of playing blackjack, slots, roulette, and other casino games is growing, we have to understand Indian culture, its technological advancements, demographics, and other aspects that contribute to the rise of gambling in India. Sites like the BettingGuru, where you can find numerous gambling platforms are popular among people from India, and we’re here to tackle the notion of why this is so.

Why is gambling a favorite pastime for many people in India?

So, why did India become one of the top-rated gambling hotspots? First of all, we have to understand that most land-based casinos you can find in India are usually reserved for particular states and particular games, which shows that gambling in India isn’t available in every form and every city.

India is a decentralized country, and in January this year, only three states in India allowed people to gamble in establishments specialized for gambling. Therefore, people in India had to find alternatives. Here are some of the main factors that impacted the gambling landscape in India, and show why more and more people switched to online gambling.

Salary increases

The Indian middle class is constantly expanding, resulting in more and more Indians with incomes exceeding $10,000. These increases in disposable incomes allowed all average Indian families to acquire smartphones, the best tools for entering online gambling platforms. The Indian middle-class population is likely to become more significant than that of the US, China, and Europe, which further explains why more and more people are resorting to online gambling.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867

Based on this act and the regulatory framework for gambling in India, the number of online users increased. Indeed, gambling at an online casino may still be in the grey zone. Still, respectable companies run operators and offer licenses from diligent and strict commissions and agencies, which provided an online gambling haven for Indians.

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