Hyderabad City Police advisory for New Year celebrations

Hyderabad City Police advisory for New Year celebrations :- The city police have laid out clear guidelines for the organisers and participants in Hyderabad which says no obscenity, no nudity, no firearms and no minors. The City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar on Thursday said that no obscenity and nudity will be allowed in any performances during 2020 New Year celebrations starting on the night of December 31 until January 1, 2020.

Hyderabad City Police advisory for New Year celebrations

As per the guidelines issued to three star and above hotels, the managements of clubs and pubs, they should ensure appropriate apparel, dances, acts, gestures, and words. The sound levels at celebrations must also stay below 45 decibels.

The Commissioner also asked organizers not to allow any firearms at the venue and distribution of excess of complimentary passes, tickets, and coupons. Special parking arrangements should be made for the free flow of traffic while ensuring order inside the venue.

In pubs and bars, no minors should be allowed, only adults and couples are to be permitted. The Commissioner also warned of action according to the law if managements don’t prevent narcotics and psychotropic substances with special focus to be laid on parking areas and other places where drugs are sold clandestinely.

The police wants a deployment of an adequate number of security guards to take care of systematic parking inside the premises along with traffic regulation.

Liquor should also be served during hours set by the Prohibition and Excise department. The Police commissioner also added, “It is the responsibility of the management at pubs and bars to help provide drivers and cabs for customers who are inebriated so they reach their destinations safely.”

Besides parking places, the managements were told to install surveillance cameras with recording facilities at the entry and exit points too.

Apart from these, the Hyderabad City Police has also listed the do’s and don’ts for celebrations commencing on New Year’s Eve as most star hotels, resorts, and farmhouses come under the limits of Hyderabad City Police.

The Hyderabad City Police Commissioner mentioned that celebrations must be organized between 8 pm and 1 am as no establishment is allow to operate beyond 1 am. According to Anjani Kumar, admission is only allowed through invitation while general public will be off limits.

The maximum number of people allowed into the venue must be declared by the organizer while securing permission to organize the event.

Only couples and their acquaintances who register to attend celebrations will be permitted to enter the venue. Unless approved by the Commissioner, posters and hoardings cannot be displayed at public places.

DJs and participants will not be allowed to indulge in drunkenness or any misbehaviour, such transgressions will be promptly dealt with.

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said massive vehicle checking would be carried out in the city and other highways to punish those driving in an inebriated condition and violating prescribed speed limits. All city flyovers will be closed from 11 pm to 5 am for the general public.