Ishita Cry & look at Ruhi! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 24th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ishita Cry & look at Ruhi! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 24th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The shows start with Raman informing Ishita and Sahagun that Anil has been caught by the Police and he told us that a woman is behind the kidnapping of Ishita.


Yeh Hai Mohabatein Episode Written Updates

Then, Ishita and Shagun informed Raman that even they both wanted to tell him the same thing. They told him that Sakina informed them, a woman is behind all this kidnapping.

Shagun asked Raman to care about Ishita and he should just forget about what this matter. MEanhwile, Amma felt hat someone is in front of his house and when he checked out, she came to know that Mrs. Bhalla was sitting there with the bottle of Wine.

Then, Mrs. Bhalla informs her that a woman is behind the That’s kidnapping and she thinks that its Amma behind Ishita’s kidnapping.

Then, Amma clarifies her that Ishita is my daughter, how could you think that I can do this thing to my own daughter. Then, both started drinking wine and were seeing arguing with each other.

In the next scene, Ishita and Ruhi were seen conversing with each other. Ishita told Ruhi to have breakfast but Ruhi refuses.

But Ishita was seen telling her that she knows that you don’t like food when something is going through your mind.

Ruhi asked Ishita, do you really remember my every little habit? Ishita says yes! I do as I am your mom and how could a mom forget habits of their own child.

Then, Ruhi says Ishita that everything looks more hidden at this house as Romi Chachu is here just because of me and Pihu does not know that you are her real mom and who will tell her that you are here real mom “Ishimaa”.

Ishita smiles and says Ruhi that you called me Ishimaa after so long time and everything will be fine till you are with me. Ruhi, then promises her that I will take of everything as I don’t want Pihu to suffer the same thing what I had in my past.

Meanwhile, Ishita came to talk to Raman and told him that Ruhi was saying that Pihu does not know that I am her mom.

Raman says its a good thing that Ruhi is taking part in house matters. Then, Raman says its hard to explain to a little girl that you are her real mother.

Then, Raman receives a call from Mihir and he leaves. When he was leaving he saws Pihu and asked her what she is doing. Pihu replies that ” I was checking my nose to find out is it gone long because I had lied to bunk school?

Raman says all lies are good. And, then he was about to tell Pihu that Ishita is her real mom but Ruhi interrupts him and told him that it’s not a god time to tell her this truth and I will tell him.

O the other side, Shagun told Mrs. Bhalla that she and Ishita are going to visit Anil in jail. Then, both went to jail to meet Anil.

They asked him who is the lady behind the Ishita’s Kidnapping? He says I don’t know but Shagun brought her sister and asked him to swear her sister and tell the truth to everyone.

Then, Anil Nagpal says its Niddi, but Sahgun and Ishita say this can’t possible. But Anil says I swear to my sister , its Nidhi.

Then, Ishita says maybe he is not lying and told Shagun that I am going to inform Raman about this. Sahagun says that I need to go to Pihu’s School.

Then, both left and Ishita went to Raman and informed her about it but Raman told her that it can not be possible.

On the other side, Shagun came back to jail to meet Anil and threatens him that she will kill her sister if he will inform everyone that she is behind the Ishita’s kidnapping.

Anil says ok I will whatever you want me to do. Then, Shagun leaves that place and was seen saying that ” Shagun Arora is back Ishita Bhalla”.


In the upcoming episode of Yeh hai Mohabatein, Pihu will be seen saying Ishita that Ruhi did tell me that Lord Krishna has two mothers?

Then, Ishita smiles and looks at Ruhi. Also, Shagun checked her at angrily.