Ishita get worried! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ishita get worried! Yeh Hai Mohabatein 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Star Plus’s TRP raiser “Yeh Hai Mohabatein” is going through a serious entertaining phase as Raman and Ishita are trying their hard to get the love of their daughter, Ruhi Bhalla.

Yeh Hai Mohabatein Episode Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabatein Episode Written Updates

Yeh Hai Mohabatein Episode Written Updates

Here, we are with the last written episode of this show to enable our readers and viewers to get easily connected with their favorite show.

The shows start with Mrs. Bhalla informing Mrs. Iyer that she has some news. She asked Mrs. Iyen to drink milk and told her that Raman still loves Ishita as he rebuked Ashok and asked him to stay away from

Then, Mrs. Iyer replied her that even Ishita loves Raman and I will be glad if both these will reunite. Then, Mrs. Bhalla told her that we will celebrate that day when my family will reunite.

On the other side, Ishita was seen in the kitchen and she asked Neelu that why you don’t wake me up as I forget to say goodbye to Pihu.

Neelu told Ishita that Shagun told her not to wake you up. Suddenly, Ruhi came around the kitchen and took the bottle of milk from the fridge. Suddenly, Ruhi and Ishita’s head collided and Ishita asked Ruhi that looks out your hair. Can I comb it?

Ruhi, replied No. And then, next scene started where all the Bhalla family was seen on the dining table and Ishita was cooking parathas.

Mrs. Bhalla asked Ishita that good smell is coming. so she should start serving the parathas to every family member.

Meanwhile, Romi says everyone that I am gonna eats parathas after a long time and asked the Ishita to give some teaching classes to Mihika.

Then, a phone ranged and Neelu finds the phone and told everyone that last time,Ishita has carried this phone with her.

Ishita recalls and finds out that that phone was Ismail and told the Raman that his boss used to call him to treat him.

Then, that phone ranged and Raman picks that call and came to know that the boss of Ismail was Anil Nagpal and told the Romi that it was the voice of the Anil Nagpal and he was telling me to leave the city as he thought that I was Goon.

Then, he told Romi that we need to inform Police carefully as Anil is an advocate and we have suffered a great loss by another lawyer Nidhi as she had stolen their daughter Ruhi.

Meanwhile, Ruhi went to her room and think that how could I be rude to this family and she thinks that she should leave this house.

So, went to Pihu to meet her and after meeting her, she was just about to leave the house and suddenly, she finds Mani.

Mani told her that, he was there to meet Ishu but now he wants to talk to Ruhi.

On the other side, Raman told Mihir that Anil has an involvement in the kidnapping of Ishita, but Mihir refuses.

Then, he called Anil to meet him and Anil arrives into his office and Raman gives him papers. Mihir intentionally asked Raman that how is Ishita now?

Raman replied that she is absolute fine and she knows how to deal with the criminals and we will find the kidnapper soon.

Anil has seen a bit of tension and he told Raman that you don’t worry I will take care of everything. After saying this, he left the office and Mihir told Raman that you were right, Anil Nagpal does have an involvement in Ishita bhabhi’s kidnapping.

Then, Raman went back to his home and explains everything to Ishita and also told her that he will not spare the Anil.

Ishita asks him to not go alone to meet him as he is a very dangerous person. But Raman refuses and leaves the house without Ishita.

On the other side, Mani and Ruhi went to lawn and Ishita followed her. Mani asked Ruhi why she was leaving the house and from whom she is running?

He asked Ruhi to close the eyes and remember what happened with Ishita when Nidhi took her newborn baby Pihu and asked her to exchange her one daughter for another daughter.

Ruhi does the same and then, started crying and Mani told him that you should feel the pain what Ishita did when Nidhi took you away from her.

But Ruhi told her that she was leaving just because she does not want to create a problem between her and Pihu as she loves Pihu a lot but their past may create a problem in the upcoming future.

But Mani assures her and told her that everything will be good between her and Ishita in future and this will not gonna effect her relationship with Pihu.

Ishita listens to all this conversation between Mani and Ruhi and smiles at the end.

Mani will tell Ishita to leave the Bhalla house as this house belongs to the Shagun and it will become hard for Ishita in future if she wants to leave that house. So, he told her to pack a bag as he and Ishita will return for Australia in this week itself.