Pinky scolds mallika! Ishqbaaaz 4th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Pinky scolds mallika! Ishqbaaaz 4th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaaz Malika apologises to the Oberois as she is arrived in the Oberoi mansion suddenly. Much before that Tej tells Shakti and Shivaay that Malika has eloped from her wedding to make fun of her.

Ishqbaaz Episode Written Updates.

Ishqbaaaz 4th September 2016 Written Updates

Which actually doesn’t like by Shivay and Shivay mom thins that she is too dangerous as she run away from her own wedding, Shivay’s dad asked to Shivay’s Chavhi that why she want Mallika to keep in the Oberoi mansion.

But Shivay said that he also want Mallika to stay here in the Oberoi mansion. He actually speaks the words which has been spoken by Anika about Mallika that if Mallika run away from her wedding then she must having any valid reason.

Anika feels happy to see Shivay agree with her which also liked by Saumya. Shivay’s brother Rudra and Om also supports him along with Ridhima. Shivay’s mom somehow became sceptical on seeing sudden arrival of Mallika in the Oberoi mansion but she can’t speak anything agents’ Shivay.

Next morning in the kitchen Shivay have some amazing timing with Rudra, Om, Saumya and Mallika to see that Shivay is cooking something special. Shivay’s mom doesn’t want Shivay to go close with Mallika as she wants Tia to be his wife.

So when she sees Shivay proximity with Mallika she went there and asked to Mallika that Shivay’s wedding has been fixed with Tia. In the mean time, Dadi asked Anika to focus on the wedding preparations of Shivay and Tia and Anika gives nod.

Next scene shows Mallika call Shivay to check shower of her wash room which is not working and Shivay went with her to feel that his mom is spying on her. When Mallika bump with Shivay’s mom, she shocked to realise that she is spying on her as she is with Shivay.

Precap: Mallika asked to Shiavy’s mom that he can be multi millionaire but still not every singles girls will wish to marry him. And Mallika said I am one of them.

She also asked Shivay’s mom that maybe your son is like the diamond but still he did not dumb me, in fact, I dumb him which keep everybody shocked and Shivay feels embarrassed.