Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Updates! Anika gets worried

Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Updates! Anika gets worried Star Plus most impressive dramatic show, Ishqbaaz looks like an awesome great program, which gives the immortal voltage potential that goes to the Ishqbaaz followers.


Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Update

The excellent TV series Ishqbaaz repeatedly made to give goose bumps to the watchers with its never existing dilemma way and customarily the freakish crux of the program is to showcase in the freshest episodes that, Anika (Surbhi Chandna) inquires as to why do you give it a second thought, whatever connection I have with anybody. She chastens the goons and says I will call the police. The folks talk shabby way and request that Bua gives Anika as Lord’s Prasad, they will keep her. They encompass Anika. Anika gets stressed.

Where In the latest incident, Shivaye considers Anika, how he let go her from employment. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks what’s going on with you. Shivaye says nothing.

Rudra asks Lady Baba. Shivaye says she is no more. Om asks what are you doing here then. Shivaye requests that what do mean. Rudra says you ought to go to Anika.

Bua chides Anika and takes her out. Anika requests that her mind her tongue, do you know I m vulnerable lady to hear anybody, that I bite the dust by disgrace, I have learned to live by battling with the world, I remembered this ability till now.

Bua sees neighbors and begins yelling for offer assistance. She says see, she is beating me, whats my error, I requested that Anika not do wrong things at home, now will she murder me for this.

Anika asks whats this dramatization. Bua says you get a kick out of the chance to battle with the world, go, battle. She yells and acts. Shivaye asks what will I advise her. Om asks will we tell this, in Anika’s dialect, you ruined it, and you will amend it.

Rudra says you did numerous missteps, you offended her and terminated her from employment, and, after its all said and done she made a major give up. Shivaye says I did that, as she made Dev meet Priyanka after I ceased her.

Priyanka says this is a lie. Soumya sees Priyanka. Priyanka tells Anika did not get Dev to my room, Dev came to meet me, I was frightened and took him to my room, Anika did not wish us to meet without your consent.

Anika was going to leave Dev outside and you have seen us, Anika too all obligation on her to spare me, it’s not Anika’s oversight, it’s my misstep. Soumya says yes.

Priyanka is stating right, it’s not Anika’s slip-up. Om approaches Shivaye what are you sitting tight for, go… .. Shivaye says what did I do, what will I advise her, in what manner will I apologize to her.