Everyone Get Shocked! Ishqbaaz 18th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Everyone Get Shocked! Ishqbaaz 18th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz begins with Siddharth accepts Malika but Malika blames Siddharth for not supporting her. Siddharth’s mother, Ketaki confronts Malika for defaming the Ranas. Will the Ranas accept Malika it is yet to clear in the tonight episode!


The episode further shows that after having some arguments with each other between Sidharth and Mallika, Ketki arrives there and she asked to Sdiharth that till now after her wedding she wasted her life for Sidharth and his dad as she need to do so being an woman.

She also explain to Mallika that woman need to sacrifices’ her career and life for the sake of their family. But due to everybody explain to Sidharth and his mom that every women should have the equal rights like their husband have and Sidharth and his mom also gives nod.

Dadi also explain that after wedding a women also need to stay happy by having her career along with her marital life and Sidharth also asked to Mallika that he also feel that being a couple husband and wife both of them need to have an equality.

Ketki also seek apology from Mallika and asked her to call her mom, Mallika smiles and embraced Ketki to see that Sidharth’s dad arrived here in the Oberoi mansion Vikram Rana. On seeing him Tez Singh Oberoi asked to Vikram Rana that Pradeep Rana’s son Vikram arrives in the Oberoi mansion.

Vikram Rana asked to Tez that he is here not as Pradeep Rana’s son, he is here as dad of Sidharth Rana, but Skakti is busy showing his attitude and Vikram Rana also asked to Tez that still he is having the same attitude which he used to have. Tez asked to Vikram that Tez Singh Oberoi can’t ever changed or leave his attitude.

Precap: Shivaay and Om asked Tez that why Oberoi’s are having enmity with Rana family. Dadi asked to the Om and Shivaay that Jahnvi’s wedding was fixed with Vikram Rana.

But on the day of her wedding, she run away in order to marry Tez Singh Oberoi as she was in love with him. The truth leaves the entire family shocked and stunned and reason of enmity is too crucial it is clear.