Everyone against Tez! Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Everyone against Tez! Ishqbaaz 23rd September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- In Star Plus’ trending soap Ishqbaaz, things took a new turn when it was revealed that Mallika, who became a victim of gender inequality, had run away from her wedding for this reason only. She raises voice against this to bring gender equality in the society. Her in-laws realise their fault and apologise to her to make her daughter-in-law of the Rana family.


She happily leaves the Oberoi mansion along with her fiancée that from now she won’t be a victim of gender equality anymore. But the Oberoi brothers shocked to know that even their mum Jahnvi became a victim of the gender equality in this Oberoi mansion.

In the last episode, we saw how Oberoi family welcomes Ganpati home in a grand manner and the festivities begin. In the upcoming episodes, the Oberoi brothers will be seen doing the Aarti together. Anika and Saumya will be playing Dhol in the Ganapati celebrations.

Gayatri would arrive at the Oberoi mansion during the celebrations along with the police and she will be put allegation on Tej and Shakti of killing her husband. But, things will be sorted out and the senior Oberoi will become to the house safely.

On the day of Ganpati Visarjan Tia will be arriving in the mansion and she will feel jealous to see that Shivaay will be helping Anika when she will be unable to leave the idol alone. The Oberoi’s brothers will be doing the Visarjan of Ganpati in their cool style.

While the rituals are being conducted, Tia, who is a social media addict and loves her pictures and she will be seen clicking more pictures.

Meanwhile, Anika notices Tia’s bracelet hanging from her purse and alerts Tia but Tia is not aware of it anyway. Anika thinks to keep the bracelet of Tia in the bag of Tia but when Tia will see this she will be accused Anika of stealing the bracelet.

As well Tia will lash out at Anika without giving a single chance to let her speak. Anika tries to clear the confusion, but in vain. Shivaay comes into the picture and asks Tia not to accuse Anika without knowing anything properly.

Tia will be fumes on anger and she will be asked to Shivaay that how can support Anika as he is the fiancée of Tia. Shivaay will be done not give any reply to Tia and Tia will be seen irked.

Precap: Anika walks towards the Dhol, while it’s kept far. Gayatri cuts the Dhol side layer with a knife and comes out. Anika looks at that side.