Vividha gets shocked! Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates

Star Plus most impressive entertaining show, Jaana Na Dil Se Door looks like a wonderful interesting program, which gives the immense voltage potential that shifts to the Jaana Na Dil Se Door supporters.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 18th October 2016 Written Update

The genuine TV series Jaana Na Dil Se Door definitely made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never falling dilemma way and especially the influential crux of the show is to showcase in the newest episodes that, Kalindi (Aradhna Uppal) says we were going to meet Vividha’s (Shivani Surve) neighbors, Sujata (Shilpa Tulaskar) and Atharv (Vikram Singh Chauhan). Suman (Smita Bansal) asks how could you take Sujata’s name. Vividha comes there.

Kalindi asks did Ramakant get this young lady to make bahu. Suman says Vividha does not know Sujata had a connection with Ramakant. Vividha gets stunned.
Where In the latest episode, Violate goes into his room by the window. He requests that Situram says. He sees Vividha coming. She asks what happened. He doesn’t say anything, I thought its Situram.

She asks will he have ginger tea. He says beyond any doubt, much appreciated. She asks is everything okay. He says yes, I think I m greatly drained.

He takes a gander at her and grins. She turns and sees him grinning. He searches for his garments. She says that is my closet, what are you finding.

He says my maroon shirt. Kalindi and Bhoomi hear them. Vividha says I have saved it. He asks did you keep this. She says yes, I masterminded closet, too bad, on the off chance that you feel awful.

He says no. She gives his shirt. His hand touches her hand, and she escapes. He says I m truly exceptionally sad, no compelling reason to say anything, I know there is much to say and listen in the middle of us, I will go and change.

Bhoomi takes away Kalindi listening to strides. Situram cruises by. Kalindi says I feel every one of the things is associated, yet how, the separation amongst Vividha and Ravish, Vividha being Sujata’s neighbors, Uma getting strained.

She asks Bhoomi is she tuning in. Bhoomi demonstrates Atharv’s pic. Kalindi asks who what, he was in the picture with Sujata. Bhoomi says he is Atharv, Sujata’s child.

Kalindi says Atharv, it implies Sujata and Ramakant’s child. Bhoomi says I did your job, have these seeds. Kalindi tells this news is awesome and grins. Sujata requests that Atharv stays here and have sustenance. He says I need to have that dish. She asks what.

He signs jackfruit. Sujata cries and says I will make that tomorrow, how to get it today, let me know. She requests that he call her Maa. He snickers. She makes him drink water and requests that he rest. He begins portable PC and sees Vividha’s picture.

He says she is here. Sujata gets stunned. He advises her once more. Sujata thinks everything changed, only your adoration did not change. She reviews Vividha and thinks how to let you know, Vividha is only a photo, an idea. She says she is gone, extremely far.

Atharv says she is here. Sujata says fine, I did huge slip-up, she is here, pardons me, quiet down, be peaceful, rest now. She says Vividha, I don’t know where you are.

Its all as a result of you, my child is in this state, Lord is seeing everything, Lord will do you pay for your actions. Atharv reviews Vividha and says Vividha

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