Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st November 2016 Written Updates! Atharv catches Vividha

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st November 2016 Written Updates! Atharv catches Vividha :- STAR PLUS most favorable entertaining program, Jaana Na Dil Se Door looks like an excellent actuality show, which gives the power voltage potential that drives to the Jaana Na Dil Se Door supporters.


Jaana Na Dil Se Door 1st November 2016 Written Update

The fabulous TV series Jaana Na Dil Se Door made to give goose bumps to the watchers with its never ignore dilemma way and intermittent , the received crux of the program is to showcase in the new episodes that, Sujata says Atharv gets excessively irate and excessively quiet. Violate says I think I ought to bolt the room from outside and Atharv runs again while Sitaram checks the room. Atharv gets Vividha.

Where In the latest episode, Atharv comes to Sujata and requests that she wake up and see, what did he get. Violate comes and gets stunned seeing Sujata hurt and brow dying. He requests that she wake up. He asks what happened to her.

Atharv says don’t have the foggiest idea, she is dozing. Violate sprinkles water on her. Sujata gets cognizant. Violate asks what happened, you got injured, might I call a specialist.

She says no need, Atharv has hit me with the bat. Violate gets irate. He slaps Atharv hard. Atharv and Sujata get stunned. Sujata says no, don’t beat him. Violate says you know he attempted to hurt my better half.

I won’t bear this, it is about my significant other and you moreover. Atharv says no, I didn’t do anything. Violate informs Atharv regarding Suman who is a mining mother and is serving him 24 hours, and what did he do.

He has harmed her. He says on the off chance that you hurt anybody, I will chain you. Sujata says no, Atharv was that way, in the event that I got a scratch, he used to sob for me, on the off chance that anybody addressed me with noisy tone.

He used to battle for me. Atharv sits making a dismal face. Sujata says he used to bolster me nourishment consistently and rub my legs till I nodded off, such was my child Atharv.

He cherished me a great deal, on the off chance that I got hurt, he used to lift me in lap and walk. He retained my name with his name, Atharv Sujata. Atharv hears her words and reviews Sujata. Atharv holds his head and shakes up.

Sujata asks is he getting an assault once more. Violate holds him and requests that her get infusion. Violate gives him infusion and makes him lay on the bed. Sujata cries and says they made him like this. Violate too cries seeing Atharv.

He holds Sujata and Atharv’s hand. He says I ought to have comprehended that Atharv does not recognize what he is doing, it is not in his own control, I slapped him, I m too bad. Sujata says what will anybody beat the man who is whipped by destiny, it is not your slip-up, you did a great deal for us. Sujata appeases Ravish.