Today Shocking Twist! Jamai Raja 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Today Shocking Twist! Jamai Raja 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Mahi thinking about Satya kissing her. Satya goes to Gangu Tai and told her that he now understood that Payal is corrupt and now he will go and will talk to her. Gangu Tai slapped her and asked him to not do anything.


Satya told her that he will help the innocent people of Basti and it will be the first time in life that he will not obey the Gangu Tai. Satya leaves and Gangu Tai worries for him.

Deepu meet Payal but Payal asked his employee to throw Deepu out of the house as he is useless. Mahi came there and asked Payal how is re-development is going? Payal gets shocked and says it’s going well. Mahi says I will help you in fulfilling Papa’s dream. Payal looks at his employee and thinks now she will get succeed in her planning.

Kajal came to Satya and inform him that Payal is coming to Basti. Satya goes out and waits for Payal. Satya receives a call from a nursing home and informs him that Gangu Tai’s BP got raised. Satya runs from there and pick up an auto rickshaw and goes. Payal and Mahi were coming at the same time in their car and Satya leaves in auto.

Payal and Mahi sit on the table and Deepu welcomes them. Satya reaches the hospital and was shocked to see Gangu Tai telling Doctor that she acted for being unfit just to keep his son Satya way from Basti people’s matter.

Satya hears it and goes from her. Gangu Tai cries. On the other side, Mahi was giving the speech and some goons came there and attacked Mahi and Payal. A goon was coming to beat Mahi but Satya came there. The goons go from there and Payal watched Satya and says, Siddharth Khurana.

Satya came to Payal and told her that he is the head of Basti and he can help her. Mahi came there and interrupted by saying that till Yesterday were rakshas and now, you are talking to my mother. Payal asked Mahi to come with her leaving the redevelopment work.


In the upcoming episode, Mahi falls in Satya’s embrace and have an eye lock.