Satya promises To Gangu Tai! Jamai Raja 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Satya promises To Gangu Tai! Jamai Raja 15th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja starts with Satya getting up, wears his shirt, comb his hairs in style, takes his mum’s blessings and arriving from the downstairs.

Jamai Raja

He sees the flag rod and he was about to fall down because of the goons, but he just holds it on time…..Hindustani Naam Hamara Hai plays……….Everyone claps for him. And he appears as Karanveer being Sid’s son.

Mahi cries and Naina consoles her. Maahi said I hurt Mamma a lot. I should not do so. Maahi feels that it is actually Payal taunts her always but she is working since morning but all will go vain in front of Payal.

Mahi takes Payal’s side and says mamma trusts me and that’s why gives me work to do. She says I have to do something to win her trust. Naina says I wonder why you are not able to see and realised her truth. Mahi says Mamma loves me truly… So I should not doubt on Mamma.

Naina thinks that Payal has given everything to Maahi but not freedom which she deserves actually. She prayed to god to look after Maahi.

Satya sees tears in Gangu Tai’s eyes and he beats goons as they were about to insults our nation’s flag. Satya beats goons and shows his heroism. Satya sister also praised him and Satya also feel that he is Hrithik Roshan. Gangu Tai went emotional to see him.

Afterwards, the goons run away he just celebrates the Independence Day and sing song with the crowd….. Jana Gana Mana Adhi Nayak Jay Hain… Girls went gaga on Satya and they just praised him. He feels proud of himself.

Satya starts speaking about Independence Day in his Tapori style and he also said that the Independence Day means freedom. He also praised his Gangu Tai by saying that she actually gives him a good upbringing by washing utensils of other people. He further added that like his Gangu Tai if a woman wants she can do anything.

He also praised woman by saying that they are not weak in fact they are the strong pillar of every man in his life. He further said that he is dreamt to be rich and one day he will be surely rich. Kajal asked to Gangu what he eats today and Gangu says his favourite dishes.

He said that after my wedding I will be giving freedom to my wife and suddenly goons arrive and taunt him by saying that why either you will be Ghar Jamai but Satya said on his funny style that not Ghar Jamai…. I will be Jaami Raja…. Gangu is shocked now.

He also announced that he will not bring his wife with him. In fact, he will be settling there in his bride’s house with his bride as he is Jamai Raja….

Precap: Gangu Tai asks Satya, if he wants to become Jamai Raja then he must leave his mum. Satya promises her that he will never leave his mum.