Jamai Raja 27th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Satya Go To Police Station

Jamai Raja 27th October 2016 Written Episode Updates! Satya Go To Police Station :- The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Payal gives a challenge to Satya that she is going to throw him out of the Sen Gupta house as well she will be exposed him in just 24 hours. Satya looks in full on anger on Payal and he accepts the challenge.


Payal brings Nagma in the Sen Gupta house as Satya’s nurse and she also praised Nagma. Mahi doesn’t like her but said that she is going to handle Satya. She also feeds Satya food forcefully as Payal did not let Mahi feed the food to him.

Nagma tries to come close with Satya by seducing him but Satya kept ignoring him. In the night when everybody was sleeping after dinner, Nagma arrives at Satya and she put an allegation on him that he tries to rape her which makes the entire family shocked.

Payal also teaches to Mahi that sometimes whatever already happen it can’t be changed to make her aware that Satya is not the right person. But Mahi is actually refused to believe that Satya can do something like that and she actually sticks to her thought.

Now Mahi asked Satya that it was not right for him to wake up in the midnight, he can wake her up too if he requires something. Satya said no he can’t wake her up as she works hard for the whole day by never taking rest in the night when she was sleeping he thinks it will not right for him to wake her up.

Mahi goes emotionally after hearing Satya’s words and having teary eyes. Now Payal comes and announced that he needs to go to the mental hospital which makes both Mahi and Satya shocked. Payal now asked Satya that when he was alone that now she actually fulfilled her challenge by making an evil plan to throw Satya out of the house.

Precap: Payal asked Satya that she has managed to kick him out. She says you have still 9 hours left and asks him to where he wants to go police station or mental hospital. Satya looks on.