Epic Twist! Jamai Raja 2nd August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Epic Twist! Jamai Raja 2nd August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Sid telling Neil that her mom did the right thing and every mom would have done the same thing what your mom did for you. He told him that he loves Roshni and will love her till his last breath.


Jamai Raja Episode Written Updates

He also told Neil that legally your marriage is illegal. Neil asked him why did you act till now? and told Sid you are married to Anya. Then, Sid narrates him the story about Anya and explained to him how he had saved Anya from committing suicide.

Payal told Sid that I wouldn’t have done all this hard work if I would have known that you are rotten from inside and you wanted to snatch business from me and return to them. She also mentioned that they don’t need company but little water to get drowned.

Sid told her this family has favored on me, and I will ruin the person who tries to ruin them. After this, Neil was leaving the house and Naina try to stop him and Sid follows him in his car and asked him to stop the car. Payal asked Ria to come with her and asked where we are going?

On the other side, Payal called someone and asked them to send the goons. Meanwhile, Sid stops his car in front of Neil’s car and asked him have you gone crazy? Neil thanked him for whatever he did for his family.

But Sid told him you are not less than a devta and have immense respect for you in my heart and You was with my Roshni during her toughest time. Sid also asked him to give a chance to his relationship with Ria and suddenly, he gets a call and shocked.

In the next scene, Mitul and Naina took Roshni to Hospital and soon, Sid and Neil also reached there. Doctor told Sid we can’t do anything in this situation as your wife is pregnant and it is difficult to save mom and baby both.

Then, Sid goes inside the OT and recalls that Roshni was telling him that something was going wrong in the hospital. Then, he kisses on the stomach of Roshi and promised they all three will stay together till their last breath.

On the other side, Mitul told Neil “some goons entered a home and beat Roshni badly and I had hidden in the cupboard so got saved.

Sid reached Temple and asked God that how many tests do I need to pass? You have taken my mother in law and now you want to snatch my wife and my baby from me. He also lighted candle on his hand and asked God to return his wife and his baby.

On the other side, Roshi gets consciousness and takes Sid’s name. Neil told Sid that Roshi is fine. Sid immediately reached the hospital and says when until when you will wear these clothes. Then, both congratulated each for their baby.


In the upcoming episode, Payal will tell Sid that she has filed a defamation case against Khurana company and asks him if he liked his conspiracy. Sid says you can’t win from me and challenges her.