Jamai Raja 3rd November 2016 Today Written Updates! Satya holds mahi

Jamai Raja 3rd November 2016 Today Written Updates! Satya holds mahi :- ZEE TV most amazing impressive program, Jamai Raja looks like an extraordinary exciting show, which gives the high voltage supplying the loop that changes to the Jamai Raja followers.


Jamai Raja 3rd November 2016 Written Update

The standard TV series Jamai Raja individually made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never standing dilemma way and especially the popular crux of the program is to showcase in the latest episode that, Satya sees genuine Mahi swimming in the pool. After that, He sees Payal and the fake Mahi. He goes into the pool and holds Mahi. They have an eye lock.

Where In the latest episode,Payal grabs telephone from his hand and says I have spent my whole life for this property and what do you believe that you will take away all my property from under my nose. She says I can destroy you effortlessly.

Satya says I don’t get apprehensive of anybody, and asks did you see your condition, he ridicules her and says what will transpire when cash goes from your hand.

You will kick the bucket without it, and says he will have some good times seeing her condition. He says I would prefer not to end up trustee, then I thought on the off chance that I don’t trustee then you will get to be and will inconvenience my Mahi.

He says I adore Mahi and that is the reason I concurred. He says I will call the legal advisor, it is difficult to handle huge property. He calls the legal counselor and requests that he come at 8 am, says Mahi is exchanging property on his name.

He says I will make you drink delectable tea, and have much cash. He shouts and chuckles, says I fear your appearance. Payal gets irate. Attorney comes and asks Mahi, on the off chance that she is certain?

He says this is irreversible. Mahi says my choice is last. I need to make Satya as trustee. Attorney says affirm, I have begun paperwork and it will be done in 1-2 days. Naina advises Mahi to turn out with her and says you are looking focused.

Payal says it is not a smart thought. Satya requests that Payal has a ton of fun in life. She requests that she take a gander at others face and see their joy.

He says Mitul needs to go as well and requests that she concur. Mitul says we might go to Lonavala resort. Satya says it is a smart thought. Mahi says you said right, we might go out, you will unwind as well.

Payal concurs. She supposes I need to go before she does any longer idiocy. She supposes she will make this occasion as a discipline. Satya supposes you couldn’t comprehend your jamai even at this point.