Japanese Developers Transparent Display Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones

Japanese Developers Transparent Display Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones: – As per the reports, Japan Display, an LCD technology company, announced something big this weekend which is going to change something for sure. Sources reports are saying that the company launched a transparent fingerprint sensor designed for smartphones on 25th January. As you all know that recently the Vivo announced the launch of its X20 Plus UD, the first smartphone in production to sport an under-display fingerprint scanner and now this it can’t be a coincidence.

Sources reports are claiming that develope sd by the company is a glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensor which makes use of its multi-touch technology, designed initially for other LCD displays. This tech is surely going to make you all amazed and the company said that it will begin commercial shipping of the sensor by March 2019.

Transparent Display Fingerprint Sensor

The sensor the fingerprint sensor applies a basic touch functionality technology that has already been integrated into JDI’s displays previously used in smartphones and digital still cameras. We are sure that this product is going to make you all amazed because of the great features and specs. Japan Display explained in a detailed statement that current fingerprint sensors are silicon-based which make them non-transparent.

Vivo X20 Plus Under Display Fingerprint Specs

Also, the company said that glass will not only help make a transparent sensor but also one which can be applied in various other areas apart from Smartphone. “The glass substrate identifies the area touched by the finger through the detection of the changes in capacitance.This technology has evolved within JDI to the extent that the company has succeeded in enhancing it to detect the changes in capacitance caused by the recesses and ridges of an individual’s fingerprints,” says JDI in a statement.