Jhamela 2016 Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection Reports

Opening First Friday 1st Day Box Office Collection Reports of Jhamela 2016 movie :- Well, in this week when lot of big releases still on cinemas and few new releasing coming too I don’t know how between these movies Jhamela type of movie going to survive because this movie has nothing good even people didn’t liked the trailer too so I can say that this movie going to be nothing in cinemas.

jhamela 2016 movie box office collection

I think this movie going to make nothing in box office and like my prediction this movie did nothing in first day because I think people have lots of option and they surely going to like go for that option and that’s why this movie did nothing and I am sure that this movie going to be flop in cinemas.

Movie has not that good story movie has only musical story and people who love music related movies can watch this flick think only that is good in the music also I think movie has not that good buzz around the world and music is also a downfall for the movie.

First day box office collection of the movie-

First day box office collection of the movie is quite good movie collected between 0.85 crore from the very first day of release and that is not that good but I think like the way this movie going this is also a lot for the makers.

Well movie has nothing like I told you and if you wanted to waste you money than go and watch this crap. Like I told you in my review this movie has nothing because there no big name of the movie.

Well, makers wanted to release Jhamela in 8 April 2016 but then they postponed it to 22/04/2016 because they don’t wanted to clash with Fan but I think this movie has not that much buzz and still this movie going to affect with other recent releases.

I think this movie is not going to do anything in box office in upcoming days but if you wanted to see this movie than go but I am sure that this movie has nothing and don’t go for it.