Kaala Teeka 10th October 2016 Written Updates! Naina Falls From Yug’s Hands

Kaala Teeka 10th October 2016 Written Updates! Naina Falls From Yug’s Hands :- In the first scene, Manjiri says I killed my husband. She is crying. Kali tries to console her. Yug comes there with police. They ask Manjiri that who did this, Manjiri says that I killed my husband. She aks police to arrest me. She did this for Naina.


In the Second scene, the funeral of Vishwa is going on. Gauri crying. Police inspector says you are sure that you do not want to file the case. Yug says no. Gauri says no. Police inspector goes out.


The toys of Naina fall on the floor. Manjiri is crying in his room. Kali holds Naina. She says to Naina, you could be injured. She asked Sanjevna to look after naina.  Kali says that manjiri ma needs me Naina. I will come back.

Kali coughs. Yug offers her for water and asks her to forgive me. I know that it was my mistake. I hope you will forgive me Kali. We will start a new life. After hearing this, Kali stands up and said in angry mood that I am not a toy, I am a woman. kali says that my whole life was just to prove my identity to this world. I came here to clean the allegation on me. I can do this without you and this hous. She says that I am going to leave, ok.

Yug says that you are forgetting something. Kali says that Naina is the daughter of this house and she will stay here. Kali says that she is my and Gauri’s daughter. We have right on her and naina has right on her. Kali says that you have your daughter. Kali gives back Naina to Yug.

Kali kisses Naina on her forehead and says that you have to stay here, if you come with me then you have stay homeless. Kali leaves the house. Yug tries to stop her but he fails to do this.

Precap: Yug says Kali that if you step out this house, I will shove Naina from stairs. But unfortunately, Naina slips from the hands of Yug.