Kaala Teeka 21st October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Dewri Will Be Exposed

ZEE TV most pleasant spectacular program, Kaala Teeka looks like an outstanding dramatic show, which gives the huge voltage potential that changes to the Kaala Teeka fans.


Kaala Teeka 21st October 2016 Written Update

The agreeable TV series Kaala Teeka continually made to give goose bumps to the observers with its never existing dilemma way and delivering the great crux of the program is to showcase that the fresh episode, Leela tells the guru on Devia Jotu shelters is here. Kali tells Dewri will be shown now. He walks towards the home.

Where in the most recent scenes that, Leela says this time no wafers on Diwali. Kali says Naina is not relaxing. Everybody comes. Leela says where is dewri? Jamna says he is not home.

Yug reviews what Dewri said in regards to getting something identified with Naina. yug sees Naina’s frok with blood on it. He is stupefied. Yug demonstrates Naina’s frok to everybody. They are all frightened. Leela says what would it be advisable for us to do now?

Dewri strolls in and says put it before the icon in the sanctuary. Pick up the pace. Yug says yes, he puts it there and lets the light. Naina begins relaxing. Leela says thank you to such an extent.

Manjiri says why are you expressing gratitude toward him? Since you think he tackled your issue? What when you become acquainted with he made the issue himself? Leela says what you mean? Manjiri asks dewri where were you?

Yug says must do his tap. Manjiri says have you ever thought why is he imperceptible when something happens to Naina? He does that tap to hurt Naina and when it’s done he comes as a guardian angel.

He win believes along these lines to wound us. Leela says why not reach her? Manjiri says you diversion is over Dewri. Kali says enough Manji mama. You can’t denounce him with no evidence. Manjri says yet. Kali says excuse me yet the first time I can’t help contradicting you. Manjrii says you trust in superstition?

Kali says I don’t that is the reason I don’t think Dewri can do this. He spared Naina’s life and tapped. He tapped in that shelter. What do you call that refuge?

She asks dewri. Manjiri grins. Yug says yes dewri you never educated us concerning the shelter. He says Devia Joti. Leela says never heard in regards to it. Where is it?

He says in Shivri narain? Kali says I will take you there dadi and dewri would accompany us. Dewri says beyond any doubt. Gauri says hold up a moment you couldn’t help contradicting manji mama since you accept dewri then why not trust his prediction?

Kali says on the grounds that I have confidence in God. By what method would I be able to think something else, before him?

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