Baby naina is missing! Kaala Teeka 7th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Baby naina is missing! Kaala Teeka 7th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The yesterday night episode of the TV series Kala Teeka begins with Gauri feeds some food to Rocky a deadly dog who is infamous for biting children and making them fatally injured and wounded. Gauri out of jealous thinks to seek revenge from Kali by making her daughter Naina injured by the dog.

Kaala Teeka Episode Written Updates

Kaala Teeka Episode Written Updates

She thinks that animals is unable to understand anything so if Rocky will be bites Naina then nobody will be keep blames on her or her dad Vishwa and by this trick she can also take revenge from Kali.

She decided to do drama in front of Kali and Manjari regarding this issue. So, on one hand, Gauri feeds Rocky, on the other hand, she keeps reaching him to bites Naina. Next scene shows Kali asked Manjari how she got disappear.
Manjari asked Kali about the story in which there was someone arrives who kidnapped Kali, whom she also followed to save Kali but she is still unable to wonder how the person suddenly got disappear.

Kali narrates the entire story to Manjari how she save herself from the kidnaper but meanwhile, she went unconscious for 7 months but a good family save her. In the mean time, she also has miscarriage.

Manjari asked to Kali that it was a brutal injustice happened to you and she is anxious as if Purohit will be see you then he will be reveal the fact that Naina is not your daughter.

Kali got anxious as if Purohit will be coming then what will happen. Gauri, on the other hand, manages to steal the dress of Naina and handover it to Rocky to smell it properly. But Rocky is not interested. Still, Naina’s evil mind is now looking forward to having a way by which Rocky will be attacked on Naina.

Precap: Kali is horrified to see Baby Naina missing and she called her entire family to searches Naina.
Kali comes across the leach of the dog, now Kali wonder is the dog carry Naina and keep her somewhere.