Rajbeer Gets Jealous! Kawach 7th August 2016 Written Updates Aryan (Arjun Bijlani) Arrives

Rajbeer Gets Jealous! Kawach 7th August 2016 Written Updates Aryan (Arjun Bijlani) Arrives :- Till now we have seen in the horror TV series Kawach that there is someone in the Bundela family who is actually helping Saudamani to ruin Bundela family. Pari became sceptical of it that somebody in the Bundela house is actually helping Saudaman but she fail to know so.


Pari also tries to create difference between the mother and daughter – Saudamani and Manjulika when Saudamani attacks on Rajbeer and he was having bleeding. Although, Pari call doctor and doctor treats Rajbeer, asked him to take rest now.

When Pari asked to Manjulika that you love Rajbeer and Saudamani attacks on him then how you can spare her, even if she is your mom. Manjulika fumes on anger to know so and she fights with Saudamani.

Pari sees their conflict and said that like the way you create differences in the Bundela family, I will create differences between Saudamani and Manjulika. Now Pari leaves and Saudmani then asked to Manjulika that I will give you Rajbeer but you have to help me to take revenge from the Bundela family and now we should focus on killing Jagath.

Jagath die finally and it is clear that in the Bundela family, no one else actually Shakti joins hands with Saudamani and Manjulika as he is son of Saudamani. It is so as Saudamani when asked to him that Shakti is her son, he refused to believe so but then Manjulika feed him poisoned forcefully but he did not died.

Saudamani asked to him that no damn individual can alive after taking this poisoned but you are still alive and nothing happen to you as you are my son. She also shows him the same birthmark, Manjulika is having.

And Manjulika also narrates the story in which she gives birth to Shakti in the same hospital where Jagath’s wife also gives birth to a son but the baby dies. Then she kept Shakti besides Jagath’s wife which considers that she gives birth to Shakti.

Now in the upcoming episode a new character is yet to arrive Aryan aka Arjun Bijlani to bring new Dhamakas in the show. As per report perhaps he will be seen playing role of a Jinn.

Anyway, Telly Chakkar confirms the news about Arjun Bijlani’s appearance that, “Arjun will play Aryan, a Casanova who has women swooning over him. He enters the show as Paridhi’s (Mona Singh) saviour. He helps her to catch Manjulika (Ssara Khan) and later. Her husband Rajbir (Vivek Dahiya) gets jealous of Aryan and suspects him of being romantically involved with her. But the reality is that they are just friends. Unfortunately, Jinns are not allowed to have relationships with humans”.