Will Paridhi save Rajbir? Kawach / Kavach 3rd September 2016 Written Updates

Will Paridhi save Rajbir? Kawach / Kavach 3rd September 2016 Written Updates :- The horror TV series Kavach: Kaali Shaktiyon Se is too showcasing an amazing TV trick which is all set to give you some high-voltage melodrama and goose bumps. The upcoming episode of the horror TV series Kavach will be also showcase the TV actor Vivek Dahiya’s show and still now he managed to impress viewers with his amazing performance in the TV series Kavach: Kaali Shaktiyon Se.


Vivek shares the screen space with Mona Singh and he is playing role of Rajbir Bundela. He is husband of Pari who is there to be Kavach of Rajbir as Rajbir is having threat from Manjulika.

The actor recently posted an interesting video of himself while shooting for the show. He captioned it saying “Why take the stairs when you can descend in style?! ?”

In the show, Vivek’s character Rajbir has been killed by his evil devil brother Shakti but now his soul has returned as a Kawach to help wife Pari (Mona Singh) to help her in fighting with the Kaali Shakti (Evil Spirit).

The last week episode of the TV series Kavach: Kaali Shaktiyon Se showcased that that Pari captures Manjulika in a ring. She also decided to remarry Rajbir as by remarrying him she can protect him.

While Pari and Rajveer plan to celebrate their sixth month’s anniversary together and they throw a bash. Rajveer tells Pari that we cannot stay together as you know someone else.

Pari has to get married again in order to save Pari and she thinks to burn the ring on the fire of wedding in the Mandap. Somehow Rajbir misunderstand her and he thinks that Pari likes Arhaan so he handover the divorce paper to Pari. Pari is shocked to see so.

Arhaan goes to Rajbir and tries to explain him that there is no such thing with him and Pari. He tells him their plan and shows his true self and explains that he is a Jinn.

The minute Arhan comes in his true form he is attacked by the inner spirit of Swadamini. Now Swadamani captures Rajbir’s body and killed. She also challenges to Pari to fight with her but Pari somehow avoid Swadamani and thinks to save Rajbir.