Kawasaki Z900RS Showed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Specs, Price

Kawasaki Z900RS Showed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Specs, Price: -Kawasaki has conclusively exposed that the much anticipated Z900RS motorcycle. Which is based toward the Z900, While the RS is a retro functions bike which is a respect of classes to the Z1 series. The Z900RS takes a lot stronger technology than the Z900 simply the power and energy that the go fluff. Also, We do expect that it is started delivered in India shortly.

While the Kawasaki is a Japanese bicycle generator has at large end revealed the much anticipated Z900RS retro bicycle at the continuous Tokyo Motor Show 2017. In view of the Z900, this new retro Z900RS bicycle gets its motivation from the notorious Z1 bike from the 1970s.

The new Z900RS marks bicycle producers hotly anticipated section into the blasting retro bicycle space which comes stacked with present-day innovation while the old-appeal of the bicycle staying untouched. The new Z900RS gets huge changes when contrasted with Z900 cruiser which incorporates re-tuned engine, upgraded suspension, and new highlights.

Kawasaki Z900RS motorcycle specifications

  • The Z900RS gets a bundle of present-day specialists. in any case, more on that in a bit.
  • The motor on the Z900RS is the same 948 cc 4-chamber motor as on the Hyper Z900. Be that as it may, the boffins at Kawasaki have conditioned down the power from 123 bhp to 110 bhp at 8,500 rpm.
  • The maximum torque figures remain at 72.53 Nm at 6,500 rpm. It is 97.9 Nm on the Z900 ₹ The edge on the Z900RS has likewise been re-worked, predominantly to oblige the fuel tank and give it a retro look and feel.
  • The Z900RS gets some intriguing stuff, for example, footing control, LED lights all finished, outspread mounted brake calipers and furthermore slip-help grip also.
  • The footing control itself has two modes and can be turned off too. None of these highlights offered yet on the Z900.