Aryan & Aradhya Fight! Krishnadasi 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aryan & Aradhya Fight! Krishnadasi 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last week episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with a huge shock Aryan receives as Uday proposed Aradhya to marry her. Aradhya accepts Uday’s proposal to make Aryan calm down as after hearing so Aryan went to fight with Uday.


Unable to see Uday propose marriage to Aradhya, Aryan interferes and raises his hand to slap him but Aradhya steps in between the two. Meanwhile, to give it back to Aradhya, Aryan agrees to get married to Shravani. Later, tired of Jairaj, Shravani calls the police informing them about his whereabouts. As per Jairaj’s planning, it is a Nautanki woman asked Abha Saheb when he tries to search about him that Shravani is a widow who actually killed her husband.

Now she turns to be a Devadasi in Krishnavaati and Abha Saheb is shocked to know the truth but it is fake actually. So it is crystal clear that Jairaj is having a hidden motive against the Rao family.

On the other hand, it is clear that Uday is actually planned by Gayatri and David to ruin the Rao family. Even Uday’s proposal to Aradhya for a wedding is also false. Uday is a puppet of David and Jairaj who are having a motive against the Rao family.

Aradhya asked Uday that her wedding with Uday is fake as she is in no mood to marry him. She said yes to the wedding due to that will be making Aryan marry Shravani. Uday is shocked to know but he said that he will be always there being a friend for Aradhya.

Kumudini arrives to handle the wedding of both Aradhya with Uday and Shravani with Aryan. Kumudini also has been seen doing taunts’ to Aradhya to praised Shravani.

Precap: Aryan says to Uday and Shravani that me and Aradhya, our past. Aradhya says forget the past, we can’t keep holding onto the past, I am not same Aradhya, I am moving on.

Later Aryan is in tears and says you can try as much as you want to throw me out of your life, but remember one thing you can’t love anyone else like the way you love me.