Uday & Aradhya Sign Marriage Papers! Krishnadasi 16th September 2016 Written Updates

Uday & Aradhya Sign Marriage Papers! Krishnadasi 16th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Shravani plays her final card when Aradhya completely falls for her deceitful ways. She demands that Aradhya gets married to Uday right away. Later, Abhasaheb executes his plan of making Shravani admit to her crimes, by using Jairaj.


It is Jairaj confess in front of Abha Saheb that it is Shravani lies to Kumudini that Aryan killed her husband, she is now only keen to marry Aryan with a single motive to grab the Devadasi property. Bhamani also hears this and shocked to know the real motive of Shravani.

Somehow Uday and Aryan had a fight as Uday provoked Aryan by saying that it is Aradhya already rejected you but you are still there for Aradhya despite your wedding has been fixed with her sister Shravani. He also asked Aryan a beggar who is just having a habit of begging in front of Aaru to have her love still Aaru doesn’t love her.

Now Shravani did her fake drama that if Aryan is in love with Aradhya then he should go for Aradhya and whatever I will do Aryan will never love me, so it will be better for me to give birth to an illegal child.

She also did her drama in front of Ganapati that what is future of her baby and Aradhya arrives there to explain Shravani that she and Aryan are nothing having with each other. But Shravani asked to Aradhya that she needs to marry Uday today on the Mehandi ceremony of her then she can be able to believe that now Aradhya is having nothing for Aryan in her heart.

Aradhya gives the nod to Shravani as right now for Aradhya Shravani’s happiness matters. She announced her wedding to Rao family tonight with Uday. Rao family is shocked to know so but gives the nod for the sake of Aradhya.

In the Mehendi ceremony, it is as per Abha Saheb recommendation Jairaj arrives in a woman attire to apply Mehendi on Shravani. So Jairaj arrived and he threatened Shravani that now her hidden truth will be coming out. Abha Saheb also asked to Bhamani that her granddaughter Shravani is biggest fake.

Precap: Aryan says to Aradhya that will you be happy to live away from me? Aradhya says to Aryan you always ditch me now I can’t trust you anymore despite you are speaking truth.

Uday sign the wedding paper and Aradhya looks at Aryan by holding the wedding paper.