Aryan ties mangalsutra! Krishnadasi 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Aryan ties mangalsutra! Krishnadasi 21st September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The TV series Krishnadasi is now to showcase that Shravani calls inspector Damini and informs her about Jairaj’s intrusion. Meanwhile, Aradhya arrives to find an armed Jairaj threatening Shravani and she tries to protect her. Fate takes a turn for the worse as Aradhya ends up shooting Jairaj in order to save Shravani. Later, Aradhya is adamant about getting the punishment she deserves and asks a devastated Aryan to marry Shravani and start a new life.


Much before that when Aryan asked Uday to speak the truth Uday confessed in front of Aryan that his wedding with Aradhya is the fake one and he did so as Aradhya asked her to do as Aradhya is keen to get married Aryan with Shravani.

Somehow Aradhya is shocked to see that Jairaj is here in the Rao mansion to steals jewellery as well he is keen to kill Shravani as he loves her and wishes to marry her. On seeing Jairaj Shravani changed her words and she asked to Aradhya that she don’t know who is this Jairaj is.

She asked to Aradhya that Jairaj is the person with whom Sharavani meet here in the Krishnavati but Jairaj is keep saying that he loves Shravani. He also announced that if Shravani did not tie the knot with him then she won’t allow Shravani to marry someone else for that if require he can kill her.

Aradhya asked Jairaj to leave Shravani even the family and Aryan also asked him the same that Aryan will be trying his best to save JAiraj from the law but still Jairaj is strangled Shravani, Aradhya is holding the gun in her hands and to save Shravani she shoots Jairaj and Jairaj die.

Damini asked to Aradhya that sorry Aradhya I have to arrest you and she also asked her junior to send the body to the post mortem and Aradhya is looking shattered now. Damini asked Aradhya to come with her and Aradhya gives the nod.
Precap: Aryan is shown taking Pheras with Shravani while Aradhya is standing there in criminal’s Saree and peeping with teary eyes that Aryan is taking Pheras with Shravani.