Aradhya is covered by fire! Krishnadasi 27th September 2016 Written Updates

Aradhya is covered by fire! Krishnadasi 27th September 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the T V series Krishnadasi started with Abha Saheb and his family plan to expose Shravani by mixing the truth serum in her juice, but the devious Shravani actually mixes poisons in the Rao family’s food and feeds it to them. Later, Shravani watches on with a sinister laugh as the Rao family consumes the poisoned food. Will Shravani manage to do the unthinkable actions successfully!


Is the Rao family will be saved; it is yet to clear in the upcoming episode of the show. The yesterday episode of the daily soap Krishnadasi further shows that Gayatri and David take Shravani for the Pag Phere Rasam (Post Wedding Rituals’) where the entire Rao family behaves too good with Shravani with a motive to exposed her.

Aryan is, on the other hand, shocked to know that Kumudini transfers the entire property in the name of Shravani as Shravani was scared that what will happen to Shravani and her baby. Aryan is keen to have his property as by using these properties he will be just trying to get Aradhya out from jail.

Regarding this issue, he and Uday also speak with the minister and the minister also gives assurances’ to Aryan that if Aradhya killed Jairaj Deshmukh in self-defences then she can be spared. In the mean time, in Rao family, Shravani mixes poisoned in the entire food of Rao family which Shravani feed to the Rao family.

After eating the food the entire Rao family go dizzy and unconscious. On seeing those suffering Shravani smirks and asked to them that now they will die and she also said that she will be calling Aryan by crying for which Aryan will never doubt on her.

On the other hand, Kamli is to burn the police station as Shravani asked her to do so. Damini asked to Aradhya and other jail inmates that now they have to welcome the minister and they should be prepared for it.

Damini also asked to Aradhya that she have to welcome the minister properly then he can pardon her crime as well by this Aradhya can also come out from the jail. Aradhya gives the nod to Damini to welcome the minister properly.

Pavitra asked to Shravani while she was suffering after having poisoned that Shravani’s evil truth is all set to come out very soon, Shravani asked to her that she is very sure that she will be spared anyhow.

Precap: Kamli pours kerosene in jail; Aradhya asks what you are doing? Do you want to burn the whole place? Kamli says yes, I received money for it.

Aradhya is shocked and asked to Kamili that are you mad and she also cries for help.