Aryan Is Shocked! Krishnadasi 9th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aryan Is Shocked! Krishnadasi 9th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- As we all are aware of already that in the TV series Krishnadasi Aradhya has been kidnapped but somehow she manages to run away from the kidnapping site goons are just following her but she ran so fast and she reached to Aryan somehow.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

But till now neither Aryan nor Aradhya catches’ glimpses of each other. Aryan is right now in a deep dilemma where he needs to focus on Shravani as Shravani is, on one hand, became Devadasi, on the other hand, Aryan must take care of her as he promised the same to Sarpanch of Panchayat.

In the upcoming episode Aradhya will be seen in temple where she will be meeting with her old friends and they will be just become happy to see each other. Aradhya asked to her how she comes in this village of Maharashtra.

She said that she come here with her fiancée as he is too noble and Dharmik (Religious) kind of person and he also wanted to explore the village. Aradhya said that I just come with him to explore the village.

As per reports, it is Aradhya’s friend played by Anita Hasandanani will be motivated Aradhya to fight for her love. She will be speaking to Aradhya that how she wins her love played by Shakti Arora after a lot of efforts.

Aradhya will be seen inspired from Anita and she will decide to get Aryan back as now Anita is also all set to marry with her lover. She will be reached to Aryan after coming back from the kidnapping site and will dare to show her love for him.

Aryan will be goes romantic with her after knowing that Aradhya is in love with her as he is also in love with her. But somehow when the duo goes romantic Kumudini will catch the same and she will fumes on anger.

Aryan will be rushes to his Ajji along with Aradhya where he will be shocked to see that his Ajji is just all set to burn herself. Aryan will be rushes to save her but Kumudini will be announced to him that now you have to decides whom you want in your life, Aradhya or your Ajji.

As I don’t want you to be this Rao family’s daughter Aradhya, instead I want you to support Shravani. Aryan looks shocked and confused. What will be Aryan’s decision it is the crux of the story. Whom he will be chosen Aradhya or Ajji.