Aaliya & Tanu are Happy! Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2016 Episode Written Update

Aaliya & Tanu are Happy! Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2016 Episode Written Update : The show begins with Pragya thinking Abhi will pick up cognizance now and gets cheerful. Saiyyara Re plays… … .The attendant educated her that Abhi has picked up awareness. Pragya gets cheerful and hurries to his ward and she inquires as to whether anybody meet him? Dadi says no as you have first right to meet him, as you have spared him. In the mean time, Tanu gets frightened of the outcomes of their meeting.


Pragya is going there and Tu Meri Jaan hai plays… … Abhi sees Pragya. Pragya grins seeing him however Abhi asked Nurse what is going on? He says I instructed you to call my family and requesting that her go and call his family. The medical caretaker asked Pragya for what reason did he say that in the event that he is not recollecting that you? Pragya is stunned and requested that Doctor check her.

She lets him know that Abhi is not remembering her. Specialist answers I will check him and goes. Dadi asked what was the deal? Pragya advised her that he is not remembering me? Don’t know why? Dadi is stunned and requests that her have quality. Tanu and Aaliyah and Tanu looks on amazed.

Specialist checks Abhi and educated everybody that it is tragic, however truth. He says he can’t distinguish you, and it is not his oversight. Dr. Jatin let them know that he is having retrograde amnesia..Dadi asked what is it? Specialist clarifies that it is a memory misfortune.

Dadi is stunned and Doctor clarifies further that his brain was harmed which manages fleeting memory and we can’t tell what amount did he recall? Mitali inquired as to whether he doesn’t know anything. Specialist says we don’t know and he doesn’t know anything about his mishap and the thing before the mischance. Aaliyah inquired as to whether he doesn’t remember anything. The specialist answered he overlooked few sections in life and requested that everybody meet him. Dadi addressed would we be able to let him know who is the individual? Specialist let him know that it is difficult to make him recollect and requests that her watchful. He requested that them not irritate his existence.

Abhi thinks why my family is not coming and thinks on the off chance that they came or not. Aaliyah enters and Abhi sees her and says asked her that you were in Australia for concentrates, then when did you come? Aaliyah is shocked and says today I came.

She asked do you recollect that me? Abhi replied, obviously, I sent you for studies. He says you ought to be there in Australia for your exams. Aaliyah says exam was done, and even results came. Abhi inquires as to why I couldn’t remember anything. Aaliya requests that him not push his brain. Abhi asked you more likely than not bested the exams. Aaliyah says yes. Abhi embraces her.

Dadi asked what do you mean? Might we not illuminate Abhi that Pragya is his better half and have spared him. The specialist let them know in some cases it happens that the patient overlooks his friends and family or others. Raj inquired as to whether there is any test to know when he will recapture memory or if there is any solution. Specialist tell no, and says on the off chance that he needs to get well then he will be fine else he will resemble this as it were. Abhi got some information about his mishap and asks since when I am here. Aaliyah requested that him not take the anxiety. She supposes Abhi don’t remember anything since January 2014 and don’t recall his marriage with Pragya. She supposes he has gotten to resemble old Abhi and supposes we got the Jackpot today. Abhi requesting that her send Dadi. Aaliyah says OK.

Purab aseds Doctor to tell what did he overlook? Specialist requested that him not weight at the forefront of his thoughts and this had happened with numerous well known individuals and now they are carrying on with a typical life. Aaliya turns out and advises everybody that Abhi has lost memory since 2 and a half years back. Purab asked by what means would you be able to be so certain? Aaliyah says I met him and he was getting some information about my exams. I am accepting that he don’t remember anything happened since most recent 2 years, and says even he didn’t recollect that he was furious with me


In the forthcoming scene, Pragya inquired as to whether they are upbeat. She says Abhi don’t remember anything starting now, yet he will soon recollect.