Kumkum Bhagya Season 2! Pragya Excited To Be Back As Fuggi

Kumkum Bhagya Season 2! Pragya Excited To Be Back As Fuggi :- “KumKum Bhagya” which is Zee TV top TRP raiser is going through an interesting phase in this week and is giving the fans every reason to not switch to any other show.

Earlier, we had seen that Abhi meet an accident and suffering from partial memory loss, as a result, he suffers memory loss and doesn’t remember as a part of his life, even he fails to remember his love lady Pragya.

Then, Pragya was asked by the Dadi to leave the house to keep Abhi from remembering his past as it can be harmful to his life. So, Prayaga left his house with teary eyes. And at Pragya’s home, Benji and mummy welcomed Pragya.

And she left his Abhi under the threat of Aaliyah and Tanu. Later, we have seen that KumKum Bhaya took a lap of 2 years. And now, when Abhi has lost his memory and Pragya is going back to her mummy’s home, fans will now see the old Abhi and Pragya.

Meanwhile, Srishti Jha who is playing the role of “Pragya” in the show “KumKum Bhagya” took the twitter to confirm about the two-year go about this show. She posted few pictures of her in old Fuggii avatar and captioned it ” “Kuch Naya such Purana…Kumkum Bhagya phir use…Phir se fuggi.. #kumkumbhagyaseason2.” Did Sriti say, ‘Kumkum Bhagya Season 2’! Interesting!!”


Also, Shabbir Ahluwalia who is playing the role of Abhi Mehra in the “Kumkum Bhagya” took the twitter to confirm his fans about this news as he wrote that ” “#worklife #kumkumbhagya #love.” Looks like both Shabbir and Srishti love their old looks! It has to be seen how the audience will accept the upcoming track!”


Well, it looks like fans can now go back in the time and will enjoy the old sweet and sour relation between Abhi and Pragya. Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode, Abhi will sign a contract with a company and Tanu and Aliyah will be surprised to find out that even Pragya is working in that company.